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What you missed about the Cuban missile crisis!

World historian's efforts to understand the background process that led to a peaceful resolution, in this affair, miss the following facts. Most often.
We are assured you have already heard the basic facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis, that could have started the World War 3.
Otherwise you can search it on Google.
This is the shit you normally don't read on Google or the net..

Actually, 40,000 battle ready Soviet combat troops was prepared on Cuba to meet any attacker. If an attack had been approved an attack on Cuba, Guantanamo Bay's reinforced garrison was primed to participate. But the Soviets had moved a battlefield nuclear weapon into range of the base with the intention of destroying it before a single marine could pass through the gate.

IE. The intelligence the CIA provided was flawed and inadequate. Not only had the agency missed the deployment of the medium- and intermediate-range missiles until it was almost too late to respond. They was also unaware that the Soviets had on hand 35 LUNA battlefield nuclear weapons that would have devastated any American landing force period. The CIA's best estimate of the number of Soviet ground forces in Cuba was 10,000–12,000. —When, in fact, more than 40,000 battle ready Soviet combat troops were prepared to confront a U.S. assault.

Other near disasters, idiotic oversights, and unlucky accidents added to the world chaos within the crisis itself.

But at POLITICAL AVENUE, we don't overlook anything! Read more below, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We will try to describe what happened in the middle of these days, during the missile crisis!
At the same time, while people all over the globe, held their breath.. -Because this 'shit' could really go wrong.
A show-off of military muscles like thiiis.. —It could lead to the end of the world as we know it.
—Especially, when these Gentlemen was responsible for what will follow herenext (check the dudes here on pic. World Domination their game is called..):

First: Authorities at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California were seemingly oblivious to the crisis. They test-fired a missile without first contacting the Pentagon. At the Pentagon, no one dealing with the crisis appeared to be aware of the scheduled test to assess whether or not, the Soviets might misinterpret the launch as a hostile action.

And, most extraordinarily, the commander of the Strategic Air Command, Gen. Thomas Powers, on his own authority, without informing the President or any national security staff member, just raised the Defense Condition (DefCon) level to 2—one level short of war— and broadcasted his order "in the clear" (uncoded). Obviously trying to intimidate the Soviets, his behavior was a confirmation of Gen. Curtis LeMay's earlier troubling staff report/assessment, that the commander of the Strategic Air Command, Gen.Powers was mentally "not stable." /Remark: The politicalavenue.com *laughs*./

Also on Saturday morning, October 27, the tensest day of the crisis, a U-2 pilot was killed when his plane was shot down over Cuba by a Soviet surface-to-air (SAM) missile. All of the militia members assumed that the order to fire had been issued by Moscow!
In fact, the decision was unauthorized by Moscow, and had been taken by the LOCAL commander himself.

The response of the Joint Chiefs was to pressure the President to bomb the offending SAM site...
But Kennedy had the good sense and willpower to resist the temptation, and reject their instant requests.
And, as if following an improbable Hollywood script, that very afternoon, a U-2 flying on an air-sampling mission to the Arctic circle —a mission which also should have been scrubbed/deleted — .. accidentally overflew Soviet Union territory, when the pilot made a navigation error. The Soviets could have interpreted that reconnaissance flight as anticipating / preparation for a attack.

And several anti-Castro groups, operating under the CIA program (code-named Mongoose) which was directed by Robert Kennedy, went about to do their sabotage activities around Cuba, because no one had EVER thought to cancel their mission, which, also actually, could have been mistaken for assault preparations.

But the most dangerous moment of the crisis occurred late on Saturday afternoon, and the United States government did not learn about it, until almost 40 years had passed.

Four Soviet submarines were within the area inside the blockade line, that existed quite far from Cuba.
However, the Americans only knew the Soviets had one or two submarines -somewhere- in the area, but not exactly where they were, of course. They are submarines for a reason. Not Pac-Man's.
And at about 5 o'clock, the commander of submarine B-59, Capt. V. G. Savitskii, got convinced that he was being attacked by U.S. Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW), forces using depth charges and grenades, to force him to surface! No-one outside the ruling communist party 'top hats' in Moscow, some navy admiral and the submarine captains and their crew, really knew, that EACH of them, had a 15-kiloton nuclear torpedo, almost as fat as the Hiroshima bomb, aboard.
And the submarine captains were authorized to use them, by Moscow in advance, of what to come.
So the commander of submarine B-59, Capt. V. G. Savitskii, loaded his nuclear torpedo, gave the all clear for launch signal in his u-boat, and was really about to fire it, *When* - - the shelling and bombardment around him suddenly 'stopped'.
-The last seconds-, we are talking about 3 to 7 seconds here now, before firing away that nuclear armed torpedo, the stupid from the beginning Americans stopped their * listen now * JUST PRACTICE sub bombardment, for the preparation of their boat crews, and moved to another area of the ocean, because they had no more practice depth charges left to use. They were just exercising their crews..
They -NEVER- understood that their sub-hunting practices actually was on top a Soviet submarine, that almost fired a nuke-blast back on THEIR ENTIRE FLEET in the area!
/Ha-Ha Remark: The politicalavenue.com team is *laughing again*./ Are humans some kind of 'animals' after all? Because they are stupid enough.

And then THE start of it all (the Cuban missile crisis) :
It all began with Mr. Marshal Rodion Malinovsky, the Soviet minister of defense.
A military mind with exactly NO political common sense. —Read further:
Malinovsky told a visiting Cuban delegation in Moscow: "—There will be no big reaction from the U.S. side. And if there is a problem, we will send the Baltic Fleet!"
A bizarre plan, said Khrushchev, ..a wild gamble that promised a huge payoff, for both his domestic and foreign policies at the time.
Khrushchev had thought about all of it, himself, so he pushed it through the presidium, manipulating any doubters, showing alternating displays of reasonableness and combative confidence..

And Khrushchev himself, had become convinced after the April 1961 (The United States Bay of Pig's invasion of Cuba, with, what was it, a few hundred men (?)),
THAT HE .. [Khrushchev] — needed to protect the Castro communist government!

"–I was sure that a new attack was inevitable, and that it was only a question of time before it happens," he wrote in his memoirs.
Read more here, the following is the interesting part:

–Moreover, there was the reputation of the Soviet Union to consider.

"–If we lost Cuba," Khrushchev concluded, "our prestige in Latin American countries would diminish".

Khrushchev again: "And how would everybody look at us afterwards? ..The Soviet Union,
...such a great nation, but could not do anything,
except make empty proclamations,
threats and speeches in the United Nation.."