ON FRONTPAGE: Do you know how to build & construct a rescue station ? An article about a small town rescue station in Sweden, including the technical specifications and facts on gear, equipment, what standard rescue vehicles that are used, alarm systems etc. Happy reading and learning Sir / Madam.

The station were built in the late 1990's and can be considered to be very modern and up-to-date, according to general Swedish standards.

A Swedish rescue or fire station normally have a vehicle depot for fire engines and some form of repair and wash station. The number of vehicles in a depot varies. Full-time stations in Sweden tend to have an office department for officers and administration, and a living room. Often there is also a kitchen or small kitchenette. Full time stations are commonly found to have dormitories, dressing, or individual bedrooms.

In Bollnäs, Sweden, they have the ambulances and fire engines under the same station roof. Therefore the name 'rescue station'.
I want to show you a van in the station. Check below!

This is the Disaster and Catastrophe Vehicle, that brings with it, extra medical supplies and aid for doctors if heavier emergencies occur.
Shouldn't this vehicle be heavier used, or be available as standard equipment in your town or city also? They are nice to have if a major disaster happens, like when a suicide bomber blows up a full-crowded bus in transit or a meteor from outer space hits a metropolitan area.

Better medical aid and available options for the emergency crews right at any catastrophe location. Talk to your local politicians to get one these, to serve you, in your community and neighborhood, or if anything "it" or "shit" happens.
Or as the preppers say it, like: -When the shit hits the fan!
Anyway, let's continue with the tour now!

If you are facing the garage from the outside, the administration offices and the reception desk are located to the far right side of the building, and the part of the rescue station that contains the fire brigade are to the left, and the ambulance vehicles depot, are using the right side, of the garage doors.
Let's take a look!

You can see the ambulance vehicle depot from the inside on this image.

Here you see a part of the ambulance crews dressing room.

The interior of a smaller Swedish ambulance. Below is how it looks on the outside.

This is a photo of the Disaster and Catastrophe van again. Or "KATASTROFFORDON" as we call it in Swedish. You can see that word painted along the upper side of this vehicle. If you look closer at the image, you can see that it has a green power cable attached to the side of it, constantly charging the batteries, for max effeciency, and to keep the truck 100% operational at all times.

A photo of the Disaster and Catastrophe vans interior.

Now let's take a look at the rest of the station!

The fire brigades vehicle depot!

This is the alarm system displays, showing where an accident or fire happened, the address there, the time etc. The lower displays shows the windspeed right now.

The firefighters dressing room, next to the vehicle depot. Can you see the helmets on top of the cabinets?

Below are 5 camera shots taken from the inside of the fire brigades garagefloor!

Here's the tanker outside the wash station.

The fire brigades utility truck with a 4 WD motorcycle on a trailer, coming out from the carwash garage.

The vehicle repair depot.

They have some tools on site.

My "tour guide" Brandmästare Pär Wikblad. A light translation of "Brandmästare" would be "Chief of fire control". A very nice man.
He tells me that it takes 2 years to complete the training school, before joining the fire brigade. And it's also a lot of tough demands on your physical performance before receiving the training and during it, to after exams, be selected and working as a firefighter in a fire or rescue station. As you understand, you have to be able to lift or pull a body out of a building, under burning fire. He here shows me the rescue stations gym, as you can see in the image above. The gym seems to be heavily used, since I met two firefighters training there, when I was entering the room.

They also have a sports hall next to the gym. The goal on the other side of the hall indicates that they play field hockey here.

Their kitchen on the upper floor.

The dining area, which is also located on the upper floor, on the opposite side of the kitchen. You can observe the emergency alarm screen, that shows the emergency location and type of alarm alert, hanging there, to the right of the door in front of you.

Take a look at one of the individual bedrooms above. This one were unused, but shows what standard you can expect. There are separate toilets in all bedrooms. You are probably free to decorate your own room as you wish, but I forgot to ask them about that. I will contact them for an answer later.

Here's the tanker fully operational again, after the carwash. It looks good, doesn't it?

About the BAS Rescue Vehicle and Fire Engine!

The heavy BAS truck is a fire engine or extinguishing / emergency vehicle that is built and purchased by special requirements developed by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and Local Authorities. It is adapted to be included in Swedish emergency preparedness at the height (of war), and therefore includes heater for both cab, cabinets, tank and engine, since the winters in Sweden can be both harsh and long.
BAS trucks also have longer warranty periods than regular vehicles. Over 300 BAS trucks have been built. All of them have double crew cabin, midship-mounted pumps, generators, light towers and tanks (usually 3000 liters of water and 400 liters of foam liquid). In addition, each fire department equip the vehicles as they want, most often with heavy hydraulic metal cutters, for traffic accidents, and sometimes extra oxygen supply for smoke divers. The chassis are built at Scania or Volvo.
The BAS IV - released in the late 1990s, are a combined extinguishing and tank truck with double cab, or crew cab as it's called, and 5900 liter of tank volume (usually 5,500 liters of water and 400 liters of foam liquid), and it's heavily ordered from the manufacturer. They are easy to operate, repair and maintain. Just get one! Or two! For your town or city !

Thanks to everyone at Bollnäs Rescue Station, for your co-operation during the making of this article! We are most grateful. / The Editor Mr. Gustav Norström

Yet unanswered USER questions:

-Do you cook together, or do you eat your own food.
-What are a Swedish firefighters starting salary?
-How many false, and real, alarms are there, in a month?
-My own question: How big area and population, do you you serve?

I will get the answers for you, and publish them here!
Have a nice day / Ladies & Gentlemen .. !

--Here comes the update : Yes, there are false alarms = up 2 to 3 per month. And NO, they don't cook prepare their meals together.
The rest I of the questions that arised during the writing of this article, I have to ask next them next time I pass their station, cause they were actually busy testing their ladder/skylift truck outside the garage, and It was not the time to ask more questions. Something was error with the stability when high rised beam. See you!

When this truck shows up - YOU GET HELP !

Wilmington Fire Department rolls out new $1.2 million USD fire truck.
The new fire truck, a 2018 Pierce Velocity Ascendant Tandem Axle 107’ Aerial, is replacing a 21 year older vehicle Looks great!

Thanks for reading everything !

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