Also (the owner) Founder and CEO.

Background and track record: Operate several websites, although this is the main, and has worked as administrator and data consultant in the Swedish military headquarters {project AP97}. Did play as deejay for 20 years, at weddings, parties etc. Started a renting business in public address sound and light equipment (like; big sound systems, smoke machines, well, he had 7 of them, plus lasers, big rigs etc.). The company's name was X-RAZE Equipment. Organization number [EU] SE969641-5737. He still owns the domain X-RAZE.com

740621-1750 workplace

Swedish Military Headquarters - it was here he worked as data systems consultant within the project AP97. Got some type of award afterwards. It also means that he have highest Swedish security clearance, approved by the Swedish security police (SÄPO). And he is approved of working with : Qualified secret information of the utmost importance to this nations security. Example: The Chief of the Army could only get in to his own Toshiba computer, the Chief of the Navy could only get into his own laptop computer. Mr. Norström could get in to all 870 computers in the Swedish military headquarters, by logging in as 'computer service'. So of course he has the highest security clearance, working under such conditions.

About education: Stockholm's University - he studied Computer and Systems Science plus International Economy. And his first job in the television advertisement industry was in the 90's when he made a Philips coffemaker advertisement. He was also employed earlier at Coca-Cola, Grand Hotel Stockholm (where the Nobel Prize receivers get their rooms), and in Försvarsmedia (Swedish Defense Media), and at Stockholm Energy, ARLA -maker of dairy products, some efforts at the Royal Tennis Hall when young, secretary at Svenskt Papper (Swedish selling service for paper-related Swedish industries).
Plus he has had a class of students in the Air Force teaching them pistol maintenance.
His father was a language and literature teacher, plus a military signalist, learning his son morse code from time to time. And his mom, are now a retired bureau director from the Air Force Medicine Department (Flygmedicin), in the Swedish military HQ. Her officer rank is Major, which is good for a woman. His great great grandfather built the first hydro power plant in Sweden, the first elevator and locomotive, as the chief of construction at ASEA - now ABB. Mr. Norstrom still has his pocket gold watch and chain, which were given after 25 years of excellent service. His great great ancestors name was also Gustav Norström. The same name was given to his son, Gustav Ture Norström, the owner of Ritz Cigar Shop, and then to his father, Erik Frans Gustav Norström, mentioned before, and then to Per Gustav Olof Norström (our boss). And the today present Mr. Norström, he also has a license to drive any cargo loader or pallet truck up to the weight of 10 tons.
He worked for peanuts before.
Now he works for fun.
Most Impressive!

IE. -Referring to the background and track record for : Gustav Norström 740621-1750.


During a time period of six to eight months Mr. Norström also sold research chemicals (RC) and had customers in 27 countries. Research chemicals are completely new chemical substances not yet criminalized, and therefore legal. Central stimulants (more energy and more awake and alert) and modern relaxation powders (smokable with tobacco). Sold a few kilos, before the Swedish law was changed. The Swedish police can now seize substances that seem to be used as drugs, stimulants, narcotics or human consumption related, even though they are legal to posses, you don't get it back. The police have the right to keep an unknown substance found, even though they are legal, if they suspect it is used for human consumption.
So he dropped that business many years ago. Even though it was legal. The police actually took over 1.5 kilos of RC, and replied three months later, yea these were legal, but you won't get it back. The value was over $ 15.000 USD. Can't work with RC or modern medicals, under such conditions.
Norström comments about the modern medicals he sold worldwide: "They were very effective!".
And he adds:"If it had been a kilo of black powder, then maybe I could have understood your criticism, but now it was a white powder. And half a kilo of pink powder. Over 99.5 pure. Could have made 200 kilos of the original Spice recipe with only one kilo. From the beginning no-one died of spice. But when the French figured out that it was JWH-018 in it, they had to switch to JWH-073. And when that was illegalized, they continued with JWH-081 etc.. And now people are dying when smoking spice. Original spice didn't kill anyone."
Enough with that: Since Mr. Norström was born with a weak nerve system, he has always relied on centralstimulants to correct a genetic failure he was born with. When you move your arm or a finger, a signal is sent to the muscles, from the brain, and his signals are to weak, making him appear lazy or just a person who sleeps away his life. Modern chemicals, in the right hands called medicines, change that. From sleeping to living. Just take a look at this website. It would not exist without a recipe for 200 mg of daily 'metylfenidathydrochloride'. [Ritalin/Concerta]. Since he always sleep thru life, and had to wait 40 years for a recipe, he has much to catch up to, while the rest of us were living.

He also helps the Red Cross twice per week without any salary or paycheck.

If you ask Gustav what he misses from the 19 hundreds - the answer is ASEA ATOM.

The story behind Asea Atom started in the 1950s when Sweden took the step into the nuclear power industry. Asea engineers created history when they developed their own Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) technology. Asea and State Atomic Energy developed the first light water reactor. A technology that many reactors in the world are built on today.

In 1966, Asea also built a nuclear fuel factory outside Västerås, in Sweden. It would support the Swedish nuclear power program with BWR fuel. Today, more than 50 years later, the fuel factory is one of the world's leading manufacturing units of nuclear fuel and manufactures nuclear fuel for both BWR and PWR reactors and for Russian-built VVER reactors.

At the end of the 1960s, the cooperation between Asea and the State Atomic Energy became the commercial company Asea Atom, which 20 years later became ABB Atom. After the sale, ABB Atom was integrated into the American Westinghouse Group and became Westinghouse Atom. Today they are called Westinghouse Electric Sweden and is a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, which in turn is owned by the Japanese company Toshiba since 2006. Briefly summarized.
Remember that Gustavs great-great-grandfather built the first hydro power plant as chief of the construction floor at ASEA. If he would have built the nuclear reactors, they would have functioned as safely as a hydro plant.

Here is one of Mr. Norströms old ads from the 90's in the yellow pages phone-book, printed in Sweden. He made the advertisement himself, in his sound and light warehouse, using his own equipment and computers available at the time.
The advertisement, -just see if you can find it on the page?

The above value is bullshit. Just the name, POLITICAL AVENUE, is worth millions, since it's also a political expression.
'Politico' is considered the largest political magazine in the United States. So, about value. Compare to be named Politico, or instead have the name Political Avenue.


Professor says: Passions are bullshit, and that it might not bring you any financial success at all.

Telling people to "follow their passion" is a popular advice, but Galloway, marketing professor at New York University Stern School of Business, doesn't buy it.

"[Return on investment] and sex appeal are inversely correlated. What do we mean about that? Simply put: Don't follow your passion," Galloway, who sold his company L2, Inc., reportedly for over $130 million, tells CNBC.

L2 Inc is a subscription research and business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital competence of consumer brands. The company evaluates more than 2,200 brands annually, analyzing their website, e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, and mobile executions, and then ranks within each industry.

Instead, focus on your talent. "Find out what you're good at and then invest 10,000 hours in it — and become great at it," Galloway says.

The result of investing tens of thousands of hours is what you can see on your screen right now.
But we are not for sale. Not now, not in the future. But you can sponsor us though.
The server cost alone, was 458 Euro in February 2019. So it costs to run a site like this.
Use the contact page if you are willing to help in any way.
-And we don't necessarily share Mr. Galloway's opinions about passion.
It was more about how you actually value a well done work.

The overall team behind POLITICALAVENUE.COM, you might meet later on other website pages, or in any other cyberspace one day. If you would like to invite him to, somewhere close to you, to perform - "a 45 minute speaker on your stage", or big dinner performance, which is named
[ The Political Avenue and it's consequences ] - use the contact us page, please Sir or Madame.
Or just call this number or text it: +46 73 970 26 00

Mr. Norström will for example speak about how he dizzed the American people, when he was on amphetamine:
"I was awake in a small town in Sweden with a population of 80.000 - I was visiting my grandmother. The whole town was sleeping, it was only I awake. So I called the White House! And asked what time it is! The phone operator kept asking who do you wanna talk with? No-one, I just wonder what time it is? *guests laughter and applause*
She thought I wanted to talk to someone, I just wanted to know what time it is.
She replied after I said it to her a four five times, that i just wanna know what time it is!
(switchboard operator)-The time is xx xx.
(me) -Thank You very much! (for the answer). Have a great day!
And I enjoyed knowing what time it was on the other side of the planet.
Then i watched some television shows on the cable-TV or something.
And you know what? Today when you call the White House, you are given choices from zero to nine and you have to press a number.
But IF YOU WAIT 30 seconds and do not press 0 to nine - you will be connected to a operator - and you can ask-

That's a very good example of the 45 minute speaker performance at your event.
Priced: $ 10.000 plus all travel expenses.
Very welcome to cyberspace, Ladies and Gentlemen!

>>>And many Thanks for reading this page.

We really try to stay updated, this is a event confirmation from AFCEA :

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COPIAGUE, NY - A Lindenhurst man was arrested after he was caught recklessly driving an ATV on Sunrise Highway in Copiague on Saturday evening, according to Suffolk Police.


The Florida man who gained instant internet fame for choosing jail instead of removing the “I eat a–” decal on his car said Wednesday that only “sour apples” don’t like his raunchy sticker — which he will continue to drive around with, intact, since free speech “...


Background history: We needed the best newsticker on the market for our own websites, and we bought all of them, but none of them was advanced enough, easy to use, and worked on all computers and systems. They always had flaws somewhere.


The definition of "political avenue" are built on the fact that a political decision affects the road of life-choices people have access to when they 'travel' through their lifes or the options politicians make available to them.

Report internet garbage on this webpage 24 hours. Apr 16 0 By POLITICAL AVENUE

On this page you can report the worst and shitty online garbage content that made it's way up to the internet.


Police in the Netherlands are investigating the brutal torture of a bitcoin trader, whose home was raided by criminals looking for cryptocurrency.


The Department of Justice on Thursday announced a criminal charge against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange, accusing him of conspiring to hack into a classified U.S. government computer.


Honestly, check the CNBC headline:
'Alexa, find me a doctor': Amazon Alexa adds new medical skills

Amazon is moving more deeply into the $3.5 trillion health care sector.


Want to learn more about SIGINT? -Read this.
Here's the evidence from within the NSA organization. Even when the original document is dated a bunch of years back in time, we think of it as a schoolbook example of what USA is up to.


Twenty-nine-year old Devon Alexander, of Coraopolis, worked as a behavioral specialist at the Pace Special Education School in Churchill. The drugs included suspected cocaine, crack cocaine, raw and packaged heroin, a plastic bag of Xanax, marijuana and ecstasy.


Why is it a brown-red ring-of-light around the moon! You know, we don't have brown-red clouds in Sweden. What causes the brown-red light around it, never seen before? The shining lasted for a total of 2-3 days and was not constant.


World's most powerful nuclear submarines, Arkhangelsk and Severstal, are to be dismantled after 2020. The Russian federal nuclear power watchdog, Rosatom, found their further exploitation unprofitable.

-None property have space for gardens.. Mar 3 0 By POLITICAL AVENUE

The Yerdelen brothers, construction entrepreneurs from Istanbul was riding a real estate boom, and had plans to build more than 700 minicastles.


CYBERTERRORISM is the use of modern communication technology in the commission of terrorist activities.


At the height of his power, Escobar was said to be the seventh richest man in the world, with his Medellin drugs cartel thought to be behind -up to- 80 percent of all the cocaine shipped to the United States.


NEW DELHI: Gearing up for its most challenging space mission, Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is leaving no stone unturned to make the Chandrayaan-2 (lunar-2) mission a success.


Abwehr scored perhaps its greatest victories in the area of industrial espionage, as agents managed to steal the blueprint for every major American airplane produced in the war effort.


Shorn on the sides, thick on top for the Kim Jong-un look; bright and blonde for the Donald Trump-loving customers. -A creative Hanoi barber is offering free cuts ahead of the leaders’ meeting in the next week in their Vietnamese capital.


Time for a history lesson ! - Here's some old newspaper frontpages you might recognize in memory lane! *Hitler is dead* *Hindenburg* etc.
This is a relatively new post, and it will be updated later with more frontpage material.


Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications. Anyone’s communications at any time.

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