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Also (the owner) Founder and CEO.

Background and track record: Operate several websites, although this is the main, and has worked as administrator and data consultant in the Swedish military headquarters {project AP97}. Did play as deejay for 20 years, at weddings, parties etc. Started a renting business in public address sound and light equipment (like; big sound systems, smoke machines, well, he had 7 of them, plus lasers, big rigs etc.). The company's name was X-RAZE Equipment. Organization number [EU] SE969641-5737. He still owns the domain X-RAZE.com

Swedish Military Headquarters - it was here he worked as data systems consultant within the project AP97.

About education: Stockholm's University - he studied Computer and Systems Science plus International Economy. And his first job in the television advertisement industry was in the 90's when he made a Philips coffemaker advertisement. He was also employed earlier at Coca-Cola, Grand Hotel Stockholm (where the Nobel Prize receivers get their rooms), and in Försvarsmedia (Swedish Defense Media), and at Stockholm Energy, ARLA -maker of dairy products, some efforts at the Royal Tennis Hall when young, secretary at Svenskt Papper (Swedish selling service for paper-related Swedish industries).
Plus he has had a class of students in the Air Force teaching them pistol maintenance.
His father was a language and literature teacher, plus a military signalist, learning his son morse code from time to time. And his mom, are now a retired bureau director from the Air Force Medicine Department (Flygmedicin), in the Swedish military HQ. Her officer rank is Major, which is good for a woman. His great great grandfather built the first hydro power plant in Sweden, the first elevator and locomotive, as the chief of construction at ASEA - now ABB. Mr. Norstrom still has his pocket gold watch and chain, which were given after 25 years of excellent service. His great great ancestors name was also Gustav Norström. The same name was given to his son, Gustav Ture Norström, the owner of Ritz Cigar Shop, and then to his father, Erik Frans Gustav Norström, mentioned before, and then to Per Gustav Olof Norström (our boss). And the today present Mr. Norström, he also has a license to drive any cargo loader or pallet truck up to the weight of 10 tons.
He worked for peanuts before.
Now he works for fun.
Most Impressive!

IE. -Referring to the background and track record for : Gustav Norström 740621-1750.

He also helps the Red Cross twice per week without any salary or paycheck.

If you ask Gustav what he misses from the 19 hundreds - the answer is ASEA ATOM.

The story behind Asea Atom started in the 1950s when Sweden took the step into the nuclear power industry. Asea engineers created history when they developed their own Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) technology. Asea and State Atomic Energy developed the first light water reactor. A technology that many reactors in the world are built on today.

In 1966, Asea also built a nuclear fuel factory outside Västerås, in Sweden. It would support the Swedish nuclear power program with BWR fuel. Today, more than 50 years later, the fuel factory is one of the world's leading manufacturing units of nuclear fuel and manufactures nuclear fuel for both BWR and PWR reactors and for Russian-built VVER reactors.

At the end of the 1960s, the cooperation between Asea and the State Atomic Energy became the commercial company Asea Atom, which 20 years later became ABB Atom. After the sale, ABB Atom was integrated into the American Westinghouse Group and became Westinghouse Atom. Today they are called Westinghouse Electric Sweden and is a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, which in turn is owned by the Japanese company Toshiba since 2006. Briefly summarized.
Remember that Gustavs great-great-grandfather built the first hydro power plant as chief of the construction floor at ASEA. If he would have built the nuclear reactors, they would have functioned as safely as a hydro plant.

Here is one of Mr. Norströms old ads from the 90's in the yellow pages phone-book, printed in Sweden. He made the advertisement himself, in his sound and light warehouse, using his own equipment and computers available at the time.
The advertisement, -just see if you can find it on the page?

Professor says: Passions are bullshit, and that it might not bring you any financial success at all.

Telling people to "follow their passion" is a popular advice, but Galloway, marketing professor at New York University Stern School of Business, doesn't buy it.

"[Return on investment] and sex appeal are inversely correlated. What do we mean about that? Simply put: Don't follow your passion," Galloway, who sold his company L2, Inc., reportedly for over $130 million, tells CNBC.

Instead, focus on your talent. "Find out what you're good at and then invest 10,000 hours in it — and become great at it," Galloway says.

The result of investing tens of thousands of hours is what you can see on your screen right now.
But we are not for sale. Not now, not in the future. But you can advertise here though.
Use the contact page. And we don't necessarily share Mr. Galloway's opinions about passion.
It was more about how you value a company.

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