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Library loaning rules and international copyright §laws.


In a library you can loan books.
We operate a digital library, and an international electronic reserve service. Read below about loaning rules and all important laws.


The 4 library rules you need to follow perfectly to the dot, are as follows:

1.You can loan the digital book for 50 years.
2. After 50 years, you just erase the book or re-loan it.
3.You are not allowed to copy the book, redistribute the book, or sell the book.
- [ It's a copyright violation, since you don't own it. ] -

4. This is a library, so you are allowed to view any digital file we have.
If you download anything, it might be an act of piracy in some countries, and we are not responsible for your action taken.
We only allow you to view all books, and download those books which has no copyright.
The same rules apply for video/audio!

-Forbidden to break loaning rules!

Follow the rules above, and you are welcome to loan a book/audio/video in our digital library and electronic reserve service!

Our libraries’ policies for providing access to copyright-protected materials through our
electronic reserve service(s) & facilities, and digital online library, is derived from what
the law refers to as "fair provisions", that is 100% following these most important §laws:
The § United States Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17 of the United States Code).
The § National Guidelines for New Technological Use (§ CONTU).
The § Copyright Law, Sections 108 (including 108g and 108-2).
Plus Section 107 of the Copyright Act, which expressly permits the fair use of
copyrighted materials for libraries, digital libraries, personal education,
teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, and research.
Such educational copying does not require the payment of a royalty
or the permission of the copyright owners.

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