Turkish and other Turkic language study books

The country has a fast developing economy, which helps put Turkey on the international business map.

Native speakers: 75.7 million. Turkish, also referred to as Istanbul Turkish, is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, with around ten to fifteen million native speakers in Southeast Europe and sixty to sixty-five million native speakers in Western Asia.
The Origins: The Turkish language is part of the Turkic languages, and was first spoken in Mongolia, before being strongly influenced by Arabic and Persian.
Turkish, being an Altaic language, has grammar and vocabulary that is very different from Indo-European languages. Learning Dutch for a Brit or learning Italian for a Romanian is much easier than them learning Turkish. On the other hand, there are similar languages to Turkish such as Mongolian or Kazakh.
Learning Turkish: The language is considered harder to learn than French or German, from which English originates. However, because it uses the same Latin alphabet as English (with a few extra diacritic marks thrown in) Turkish is the easiest place to start for anyone wanting to learn a Turkic language.
In the Great Seljuk Empire period the Persian language was the court language. The literature courteous was written in Persian. However, the public language was Turkish. Most of the Turks can not speak Arabic. Turkish language and Arabic language are totally two different languages and member of different language families. There are a few Arabic words in the Turkish language that were taken from the times of the Ottoman Empire.
Why is the Turkish language important?
The country has a fast developing economy, which helps put Turkey in the international business map. As such, learning the Turkish language is more important now, especially for individuals and corporations interested in doing business in Turkey. The Turkish language is the 12th most spoken language in the world.

Ankara is a province of Turkey, which is situated partly in the region of Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Central Anatolia. Ankara Province is the home to the capital city of the Turkey,

Turkish and other Turkic language study books

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