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"A truck bomb at an Iraqi checkpoint south of Baghdad killed at least 60 people and wounded more than 70 on Sunday, medical and security officials said. "

"A suicide bomber was killed and his comrade was wounded in a failed suicide car bombing."

"ISIS suicide car bomber attacks US convoy. "

Earlier in July 2017, soon after Iraqi forces declared that they had retaken the city of Mosul, the Mosul Police put some of the confiscated vehicles on display. The homemade armor protected the driver and their car filled with explosives from small weapons fire, and lighter rockets. Sometimes they were also parked in alleys and garages to be used as hitting straight into unsuspecting forces, that might passed them somewhere in the streets of Mosul. They also used these modified cars to drive straight through all military road checkpoints, and explode them near military headquarters, police stations or other "enemy" targets at their choice. And as someone said: These cars look like something from a Mad Max movie. Although these cars on pics here, were really meant for killing those on the right side of life, innocent people and bystanders which got no options, like run away or hide. In the Mad Max movies, they killed for a tank of gasoline.
What did the Islamic State members kill so many for?

-Harmony with nature?
Or the beauty of Cosmos?

No. Criminals, with guns, trying to set up a state. That's who they were. And these are their tools in pictures below. And they like to tattoo "God forgives, but I don't" on their body's. What to say more than:
The Islamic State warriors are dead now. That ain't forgiving. They were wrong about God.
You can't let human trash come into heaven.
Then they continue and there will be no heaven. Like here.
Or is this heaven, and we have just arrived, without no-one telling us? ...