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  • World's first railless train. World's first railless train unveiled in China.

    The world's first railless train, developed by the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co. Ltd, unveiled in Central China's Hunan province on Friday. The 30-meter train, with three carriages, is part of the intelligent rail express system by the developer, and runs on rubber tires rather than rails. The train can move at a speed of 70 km/h and can carry up to 500 passengers, offering new options for easing modern transport pressures. The train is also powered by electricity and can travel 40km per full charge.
    | 2017-06-04 10:28 |

  • Iran fired missiles. Iran fired missiles at another country for the first time in three decades.

    21 Jun 2017 14:27 GMT - Iran possesses a large amount of different missiles, from short-range missiles to long-range cruise-missiles. The firing of the missiles, the first in 30 years outside Iran's own territory, came hours after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a statement on his website, vowed Iran would "slap its enemies" in honour of the victims' families, including those killed in Syriaand Iraq. In February 2008, Iran claimed to have launched a probe into space, suggesting its missile technology might be improving to the point where an Iranian ICBM is realistic. In early February 2009, Iran successfully launched a small, low-earth satellite on a Safir-2 rocket.

  • Start of Ballistic Missile Defense Review. Pentagon Announces Start of Ballistic Missile Defense Review.

    The review is conducted to identify ways to strengthen missile-defense capabilities, rebalance homeland and theater defense priorities and provide the necessary policy and strategy framework for the nation's missile defense systems. Defending the nation and U.S. interests abroad from ballistic missiles is one of the department's highest priorities. The review, running concurrent to the Nuclear Posture Review, will be led by the deputy secretary of defense and the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and include interagency partners.
    The process will culminate in a final report and will be delivered to the president by the end of the year - 2017.

  • Expandable Input SUPERSERVERS FOR AI. (Artificial Intelligence)

    Press Release: Supermicro Systems Deliver 170 TFLOPS FP16 of Peak Performance for Artificial Intelligence.

    New 1U and 4U SuperServers support 4/8 Tesla P100 SXM2 to accelerate Deep Learning applications, as well as 2U 8-GPU optimized for Data Centers and 4U 4-GPU SuperWorkstation for Virtual Reality.
    May 10, 9:00 UTC+3.

  • The X37 B SPACEPLANE. The Boeing X37 B Spaceplanes secret mission.

    Mon, 08 May 2017. BBC TECHNOLOGY writes : X-37B space plane returns after two-year secret mission. ...Everyone wonders -

    What was the US Air Force's X-37B doing, during its total missions of almost two years in Earths orbit ?

    And why the breathing masks ? It has no crew, it's robotic... so why the chem suits on landing strip ? Are they afraid it will get the flue ?

    To see more pictures of the X37B on landingpad in fullsize : CLICK HERE !

  • Russian arms export.Russian arms export in $ numbers.

    Russian arms exporter raked in $24 bln for selling 50 warships since 2000. MOSCOW, June 26. TASS. Russia's state arms seller Rosoboronexport has exported about 50 warships worth $24 billion since 2000, the company's press office reported on Monday.

  • Russian military Russia's Pacific Fleet: Nuclear Sub Test Fires Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

    MOSCOW, The Russian military says it has successfully test-fired a submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missile. Russian navy test-fires submarine-launched missile. The Bulava, which has been commissioned by the Russian navy after a long cycle of development, carries six nuclear warheads and has a range of up to 9,300 kilometers (about 5,770 miles). "The launch was carried out from the submerged position. The missile's warhead arrived at the Chizha practice range in north Russia at the designated time," the defense ministry stated without specifying the exact date of the missile drill.
    | From October 14, 2016, but still interesting. |

  • Google to stop reading your Gmail.Google to stop reading your Gmail.

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google is going to stop reading your Gmail in search of opportunities to sell ads. The Mountain View, California, company said it would stop the ad-driven scanning of Gmail later this year. It will end a practice that Google has embraced since the company introduced Gmail in 2004. The practice has raised concerns among privacy watchdogs and creeped out some users. Gmail has 1.2 billion users, so it's a lot of scanning.
    Observe, this won't happen now, but FIRST at the end of this year [2017].

  • Combustible ice mining CHINA MINES COMBUSTIBLE ICE.

    BEIJING -- China has extracted about 235,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice from the South China Sea, beating previous expectations for the mining operation. Combustible ice usually exists in seabed or tundra areas which have the strong pressure and low temperature necessary for its stability. It can be ignited like solid ethanol, which is why it is called combustible or flammable ice. One cubic meter of combustible ice, a kind of natural gas hydrate, is equal to 164 cubic meters of regular natural gas.
    | Updated: 2017-06-22 08:57 |

  • According to Trump, the Americans can't afford hospital.According to Trump, the Americans can't afford hospital aid [ 420 US$ BN ] for all it's citizens, but have an annual defense budget of 682 US$ BN [2011] and a total national budget of around 3200 US$ BN to spend per year.

    We, who live in real countries [Europe], wonder why the Americans can't afford to take care of it's own people ? Do we have to teach you how to build a country ? Anyway, we think your human values suck, when you try to take away medicare for your own citizens. Are ethics a political joke ? No offense against your President, though. We are just speaking moral & human values. If you came to Sweden and said that only the upperclass or the rich would get good, equal hospital care, to the best of intentions, you would be thrown out of the country ! That's it.
    - - -QUESTION ! Please explain to me why you can't afford to take care of your own population ?
    The U.S. government is estimated to collect $3.21T in tax revenues and spend a total of $3.65T in its 2017 budget.

  • The First United States Army Group.=THE DIAMOND OF FAKENEWS= The whole First United States Army Group *WAS FAKE*

    The First United States Army Group was an enormous and entirely fictional army based in Kent, during second world war. They even generated fake radio signals to cause confusion and chaos. Read more from BBC on fake tanks and Russian dummy inflatable vehicles, about both old and modern decoys of wood and rubber, by pressing the blue link above. The tanks on the picture to the left are made of wood, you can see it, if you look close and focus.

  • Brazil app tracks gunfire in Rio de Janeiro.Amnesty app tracks gunfire in Rio de Janeiro !

    Gun violence is on the rise in Rio de Janeiro, with the sound of firefights echoing daily across Brazil's seaside city as drug gangs battle each other and police officers patrolling slums. Now there is an application that tracks in real-time how many gun battles there are and where they occur, based on eyewitnesses, media and police accounts. The "Fogo Cruzado," or Cross Fire, application created by Amnesty International and a local researcher aims to let Rio's citizens know where gunfire is taking place, in the hopes of keeping them out of danger. The number of people killed by police in shootouts during the first five months of this year jumped nearly 50 percent compared to the same months the previous year, totaling 480 deaths. The city has been stunned by a rash of stray bullets hitting innocent bystanders - including a baby boy struck last week while still in his mother's womb. But Rio state authorities do not keep track of the number of people hit by stray (meaning, accident hits by flying) bullets, saying that since no such category of crime exists in Brazil's legal system, authorities would not be able to come up with an accurate way of measuring it. A volunteer who helps maintain the free app, says : - "Our focus is really to get people out of the way of stray bullets."
    | Tue Jul 4, 2017 |

  • WASHINGTON POST: Fire breaks out on floating nuclear plant at Russia shipyard.
    Tue, 04 Jul 2017
    Russia's emergency services ministry says a fire broke out on the floating nuclear power plant being built at a shipyard near the center of St. Petersburg, but was extinguished before anyone was injured.

    /LET ME EXPLAIN THIS NEWS/INTELITEM: The floating nuclear power station is a non-self propelled vessel. It has length of 144.4 metres (474 ft), width of 30 metres (98 ft), height of 10 metres (33 ft), and draught of 5.6 metres (18 ft). The vessel has a displacement of 21,500 tonnes and a crew of 69 people. They are self-contained, low-capacity, floating nuclear power plants. The stations are to be mass-produced at shipbuilding facilities and then towed to the destination ports of the cities and towns experiencing deficit of power due to industrialization. Each vessel of this type has two modified KLT-40 naval propulsion reactors (the icebreaker type) together providing up to 70 MW of electricity or 300 MW of heat, or cogeneration of electricity and heat for district heating, enough for a city with a population of 200,000 people. It could also be modified as a desalination plant producing 240,000 cubic meters of fresh water a day. A book from 2004 concludes that such stations are impossible to protect against terrorism. There seem to be one plant built [the Akademik Lomonosov] and one under construction. Several are planned.

  • SKY NEWS: US seeks urgent UN talks on N Korea missile launch.
    Tue, 04 Jul 2017
    The US has requested an urgent closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council on North Korea's latest missile launch.
    AP writes: ...a direct rebuke (slap) to U.S. President Donald Trump's earlier declaration that such a test "won't happen!"

  • SKY TECH: Organic compounds found by Saturn moon mission.
    Tue, 04 Jul 2017
    Scientists have urged caution after finding organic compounds around Saturn's moon Enceladus.

  • REUTERS: Catalonia to split from Spain within 48 hours of secession vote - referendum draft bill.
    Tue, 04 Jul 2017
    BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Catalonia will declare independence from Spain within 48 hours if voters back secession in an October referendum, according to a draft bill proposed by secessionist parties on Tuesday, though it remains unclear whether the vote will go ahead.

  • Iran-Russia coordination to prevent US meddling in Syria: Security official.
    July 4, 2017, 8:20 AM
    Greater coordination between Iran and Russia will prevent the US illegitimate interference in Syria, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday.
    SOURCE: http://www.iran-daily.com/News/196012.html

  • TASS [Russian State News]: Putin says digital economy development is national security issue. Wed, 05 Jul 2017.

  • Pakistan test-fires short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile.
    Iran Daily , July 5, 2017, 4:25 PM
    Pakistan has successfully tested a short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads, its military says.
    SOURCE: http://www.iran-daily.com/News/196131.html

  • Report: Saudi Arabia has 'clear link' to UK extremism.
    Iran Daily , July 5, 2017, 5:45 AM
    Saudi Arabia is the chief foreign promoter of extremism in the UK, a new report said.
    SOURCE: http://www.iran-daily.com/News/196072.html

  • Iranian Commander: Army to receive NEW advanced homegrown TANK soon.
    July 3, 2017, 1:56 PM
    Commander of Iran's Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the country's state-of-the-art tank dubbed 'Karrar' that has been designed and manufactured by domestic experts will be delivered to his forces in the near future.
    SOURCE: http://www.iran-daily.com/News/195956.html


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