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NOW $43 for a Trump or a Kim Jong un haircut in Hanoi -!


Shorn on the sides, thick on top for the Kim Jong-un look; bright and blonde for the Donald Trump-loving customers. -A creative Hanoi barber is offering free cuts ahead of the leaders’ meeting in the next week in their Vietnamese capital.

Barber Le Tuan Duong has been overrun with customers since word got out about his free gift to the people, a gesture he’s offering out of sheer excitement for the February 27-28 meeting in Hanoi.

But one style has come out on top. “Over the past three days, I have made 200-Kim style haircuts, but only five for Trump,” he said in his little Tuan Duong beauty salon in Hanoi. He would normally charge a whopping $43 for the Trump dye-job, a steep fee in a city where most haircuts cost a few dollars. No matter that Mr. Trump’s infamous hair, somehow, not top the list of most popular haircuts, but really, some Hanoian's are delighted with it.
“I want the Vietnamese to know more about Mr. Trump, through my hairstyle".

"—For me, Trump is an excellent man and that’s why I want this hairstyle,” a freshly dyed Vuong Bao Nam said. / POLITICAL AVENUE REPORTS.

Good luck with the meeting Gentlemen !

And behave like adults..!