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The US Federal Reserve Bank !

On Frontpage: The interesting thing is that it's not Federal, it is privately owned, and we list the owners on this page. The Original Constitution for the United States stated that the Congress was to mint the money and set the value of the printed money in the United States.
But in 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed and changed, or tried to change the original Constitution.
This act passed the authority to create money from congress over to the PRIVATE consortium of banks collectively known as the Federal Reserve Bank.
Before the passage of the federal reserve act, Congress could print it's own treasury notes (paper money) and use these money to pay for the cost of running the government.
After the passage of this act, in 1913, the CONGRESS HAVE TO BORROW THE MONEY from the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, at an interest rate (%) !

So United States Government LOST control of their own currency in the year 1913.
When the credits and the American currency, aint in the Governments control, then who is?
To be quick with an answer: It is dangerous and it's a bubble that can break. More about this on this page, but a wise TIP are :
-Take Government control of the American (US) currency, before the bubble breaks! Read further if you are interested in this, below.

The Federal Reserve Bank , which is privately owned, can order the U.S. Treasury [which is the Government] to print a determined amount of Federal Reserve Notes and have the U.S. Mint deliver them for only the cost of printing, which is just but, a small fraction of the real (face) value of the notes. So far.
These Federal Reserve Notes are then lent into circulation by lending them either to congress or to the Federal Reserve Member banks.
Some economists point out that money lent into existence are be IMPOSSIBLE to pay back
-Because only the principal (initial needed capital) was lent out, and released into circulation, but the principal plus interest has to be paid back to this private bank cartel.


Let's say that the American Government needs money, but, as of today, but because of a stupidity in 1913, are not allowed to print their own money. The control is somewhere else.
So the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank orders the Government (the Treasury) to print the money, and lends the American Government $ 1 billion US dollars.
These money has to be payed back with (for example) 10 % interest rate within a timeframe. This number figures act just as an example now for you to understand now. In reality, it could be 3,8636052 % but 10% is easier to calculate with and understand.

So tell me;
-Where should the extra $ 100 million dollars at 10% interest rate, of the loaned 1 billion dollars, that the Government need to be payed back come from?
1. From earlier loaned money? Which are less than all the money into circulation?
2. By taking a new loan on the interest rate debt?
3. Or from plundering other nations of their values and natural resources?


(And the number 3 answer is why the United States are hated by some parts of the global population).
Which leads to why for example the World Trade Center got bombed. The US are using some countries to make themselves rich.
The RAW materials can be mined or harvested cheap in some countries, where you can own their nations own assets, which then can be sold to other industrial nations with a great or huge profit as a return. We don't like to discuss the moral or ethics here.
Let's continue with the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank instead.

The Federal Reserve Bank is very secretive about who it's owning banks or shareholders are.
It has been determined that the "class A" stock in the Federal Reserve Bank are held by the following private institutions:


The Remaining Stock is held by the Chemical Trust and the Rockefeller Trust.

These stockholders hold Federal Government Obligations which amount to over $5 Trillion Dollars
-Which, well over and above it, at least so to say, equals or succeeds the U.S. National Debt!
-Their annual profits from the American (US.) Governments interest payments are well above over $200 Billion dollars per year in profits.!
For this cartel of private banks, with the illusive name, FEDERAL Reserve Bank. But it aint federal, like for example, the FBI : Federal Bureau of Investigation, where federal means 'government controlled institution'.

We will write about the Marshal deal with France later.

The Federal Reserve Bank

There are legal experts that strongly maintain that the Federal Reserve Act is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful/not legal at any point or at all.
Some of the questions raised are whether the Congress really has the Constitutional power to pass a simple act, or does the people have too vote for this act to pass(?), which delegates its original power to coin the money or issue all the dollar paper money, and also whether the Federal Reserve is a Cartel of private banks (also called a banking cartel), which it really is, and also about that it's internal structure are truly non-transparent both to the public as well as to the officials working in the US government or even in the Congress itself.


Since bank notes, originally, were just receipts for, (or a note that said) how much gold you had saved in the bank, the value of notes at that time, in circulation, matched the amount of gold stored by the holders in the banks.

For economies to grow, more money needs to be in circulation. So how to accomplish that? Well,
-Banks simply print more bank notes—regardless how much gold they actually have in their storage or in reserve (!)
This is called “fractional reserve banking,” because the gold reserve, is just a fraction of the value of the notes that are printed into circulation.

It’s a really good way for scrutiny banks and their owners to literally make money out of nothing.
And all those (notes) money has to be PAID BACK with % interest rate, and those money aint existing (are not printed), so you can't repay the loan! EVER!

To continue with the fractional reserve banking:
After the "made-up" money has been lent out - real money in circulation has to be payed back with hard work and sweat from the man who borrowed the money.
Although the lent out money were just made up / invented without any securities like gold or any other raw materials, they continue to mint and fabricate these fantasy money!
So the US government loans actual 'fantasy' money from private bankers - that they later have to pay back with interest. Money that don't exist and that they can't print.
Can this bubble crack or fall?

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Bureau of the Fiscal Service:

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After reading this page, you now know some of the true reasons behind why USA is so rich compared with other countries today.
Would you like to know how much money they invent per day?
-Check these figures and $ numbers below.

Debt to the Penny for 09/06/2016
den 7 september 2016 22:15
Debt Held by the Public: 14,109,707,852,390.37
Intragovernmental Holdings: 5,364,233,593,707.95
Total Public Debt Outstanding: 19,473,941,446,098.32

Debt to the Penny for 09/07/2016
den 8 september 2016 22:15
Debt Held by the Public: 14,111,278,792,640.16
Intragovernmental Holdings: 5,368,212,692,018.97
Total Public Debt Outstanding: 19,479,491,484,659.13

Debt to the Penny for 09/08/2016
den 9 september 2016 22:15
Debt Held by the Public: 14,112,595,306,798.40
Intragovernmental Holdings: 5,369,490,964,535.42
Total Public Debt Outstanding: 19,482,086,271,333.82

Debt to the Penny for 09/09/2016
den 12 september 2016 22:15
Debt Held by the Public: 14,112,568,886,679.61
Intragovernmental Holdings: 5,370,125,502,326.89
Total Public Debt Outstanding: 19,482,694,389,006.50

Debt to the Penny for 09/12/2016
den 13 september 2016 22:15
Debt Held by the Public: 14,111,755,978,422.80
Intragovernmental Holdings: 5,372,904,648,342.72
Total Public Debt Outstanding: 19,484,660,626,765.52

The difference between 482 and 484 above is $ 2 BILLION DOLLARS !

Will this bubble hold?


The United States does not have big enough gold reserve to keep the dollar valued as it is now, except by lying about the amount!
Fractional reserve banking... The gold reserve, is just a fraction of the $ value of the notes that are printed into circulation.






Return here later to see this post / article updated.

And now we can add that since Trump took over as President, the dollar has dropped 9 %.