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The definition and meaning of political avenue.


On this page you will learn the meaning of the words Political Avenue and the expression itself.
For fun, you can compare our speaker logotype with Donal Trump's really Presidential way of trying to imitate it, here below. Amazing how great President United States have. Very Statesmanship. You can try to do what he tries to do yourself, and you will see for yourself how "easy" it is "to do the look" of the speaker logotype of ours. Then please read further on below, Ladies and Gentlemen. So you learn what you are here for.

The definition of "political avenue" are built on the fact that a political decision affects the road of life-choices people have access to when they 'travel' through their lifes or the options politicians make available to them.

A politician takes a certain political road via the choices that he make / try to make for many (for the affected/governed people).

One person said it like this: -Can anyone run for Presidency or do you need to have experience in a political avenue, like being a mayor, governor or senator?

So it means:

He "took or made that political avenue" move/moves in his career through/throughout his life.


About a politician: 'The political path he or she takes (if on-going) /took / throughout their political career'.

The expression is often used when referring to bad decisions or when bribing with money or when money is involved ( in the political decision ).

-He took 'that particular' political avenue which made the country poor!

(Often / perhaps in his own quest for glory, fame and more fortune or opportunities).

It can be used with a he or a she.

But not with an animal = Like a political monkey!

And if we take a look at the words POLITICAL AVENUE in separate here, the meaning of those words in themselves are as follows.
POLITICAL= The English word Political, is or are:

1. Relating to, or dealing with the structure or affairs of a government, their politics, or even the state or nation, like: A political system.

2. Relating to, involving, or characteristic of political parties or politicians like: A political campaign.

3. Interested or active in politics like: I'm not a very political person.

4. Influenced by, or based on, or stemming/coming from partisan interests or a political ideology like:
The court should never become a political institution.
The attack was a political crime.

5. Based on or motivated by self-serving interests, especially in
attempting to gain power or to please people of a higher rank in an
organization like: Political maneuvering within the company.

AVENUE = A broad city or metropolitan roadway lined with trees; -That's an AVENUE.

-Hope you understand what it means a little better now!

We have a perfect example of how POLITICAL AVENUE can be used in a usable real life sentence further below here, in some great newspaper article examples.

But what we mean, ist that YOU can upgrade/downgrade their whole political career moves with
the word/expression political avenue with some or even more power behind
the words. That's for sure. Check!

Like when anyone is writing a newspaper headline (for example):

"Latino took a political avenue!"

And then bla-bla-bla. (The article).

[OR }

"Actor Harrison Ford are now on a aggressive political avenue trying to become governor of ANY state!"

[OR }

Donald Trumps all political avenues made him rich again!

Although Donald Trump's political career ended when he lost the race for
United States President in 2016, his political avenues has made him a
fortune in foreign dollar investments, to his holding company. It seems
like he made the right thing, as a businessman, taking a political
in his life, since it has attracted much attention and worldwide
interest for his diverse businesses. Investors are now trying to glide in
and join the ride, with the very famous US Presidential Candidate for
increased personal investing opportunities. Donald Trump has earlier filed three companies for bankruptcy, including his Atlanta casino.

Writing like this,

-You can upgrade/downgrade a whole career for someone with the expression POLITICAL AVENUE/s/.

It really works.

- It should, because We invented this type of writing earlier a few years ago, on older USA website server, like in the year 2014.

Please show the words and the expression some respect and use it or them with texting dignity when writing.

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