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POLITICAL AVENUE REPORTING: Why is there a brown-red ring around the moon?


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Why is it a brown-red ring-of-light around the moon! You know, we don't have brown-red clouds in Sweden. What causes the brown-red light around it, never seen before? The shining lasted for a total of 2-3 days and was not constant. See more pictures from Sweden's upper northern parts here! I have seen the moon at least 500 times since I were born, but never any other than gray-white /sometimes yellow/ shine reflecting from it! POLITICAL AVENUE reporting.


To trick your mind were I want it to be (please, just answer this) :
-DOES IT LOOK like this when YOU watch the moon where YOU live ?
NO ?

- Because it doesn't look like this normally here either, except during parts of that particular week.
See above picture again, please.

Explain why we have never seen it before !
Either way, we believe no-one can explain why it looks like this. We have seen the moon in fog and in clouds before, but never in a brown-red silhouette. It has always been in a grey-white shine. Never like this, just use your eyes- !. No photo-shop, this is what we saw. Got witnesses. It was clouds all over the sky when the pictures where taken. But the smartphone camera used - was not an expensive one - so the it is not so sensitive to low light. Otherwise you would have seen the normal cloudy night-sky, where the "foggy-grey" was in the way of the star-light from the Universe. This is only where the suns reflecting moonlight came through intensive enough. I have some more pictures in my 'phonecamera'.

It just happen to fade the reflecting light so me and my friend (he is over-intelligent) -we just stopped when we saw it, and stood still, *gasping* and asking each other tricky question like:

-I have been here for over 40 years, and I have seen the moon hundreds of times, BUT have you EVER seen this before?
-No never, first time.

We had to stop some other citizens and ask them if they had ever seen the shine around the moon 'fade-over' in brown red before.
Everyone answered. No never.
They didn't raise their eye-brows more than like 'particular' - but no - never seen it before.
They just saw what they saw, and since it didn't scare them, like compared to if the sun was shining green, looked again for a while, and then walked on, thinking about bigger issues in life.

But we stood still, somehow trying to see how long it was gonna last, and how it was possible to color the reflecting light,
it was like our eyes and minds where RECORDING it (the phenomena) because if this shit can happen - we both understood - more strange things will occur.
So- without saying so: -We had to see if it where a constant, or how long the "phenomena" where gonna last.
And of course we asked ourselves forward and backward loudly, a lot of hard questions, to check in our minds, all our pre-recorded pictures and views of the moon.

The best part was when we stepped outside the apartment house the next early early evening at around 16.00
-and the strange light was still there.

Then we understood that we were the first ones to see the NEW phenomena, since no-one reported it before, or during the last 24 hours, on the internet.
We used the daylight hours to check for that; and to see if someone else than us reacted to this.

They saw , probably, what you saw, or can see in the pictures.


Either - What about it, but still they make some 'brain' explanation, but still UNINTERESTED to investigate it any further.

We did. We were *gasping*

But still - it was too big for our brains to comprehend.

The moon and the light around it, are a little bigger in mass and size compared to our less than 2 meter tall *figures*

And by the way:
-And we don't have brown-red clouds in Sweden. We discussed that too.
-And we have never seen the phenomena before, (on the same location, or anywhere ! Ever. ).
Seriously !

Be honest-honest-super honest - if it's not lights from Earth, coloring the clouds, what is it ?

Brown-red clouds?


Now you see the normal moon light in the middle - so it's not so scary.

But if it was 100% brown-red moonlight around it (the moon)
That shit would also be scary.

Now no-one reacted, but on the question, when asked -
No I have never seen it before.

I will add some other moonlight-cloudlight pictures out of the 40-50 taken later.
But these were the best in focus. It's hard to hold a smartphone completely still, when taking pictures and images upwards.

Scientists are welcome to e-mail us on our contact page.

But since we really have no answers, no-one has, so don't expect someone else "Einstein" to come up with any more than you do yourself.

Advice: DO A kind of REACTION !

(Anyway what you saw in the pictures - it's NOT faked or photoshopped. ) -It's what I saw when I walked out the door in northern Sweden. Used my smartphone to take the pictures. See one more below.