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Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka: Explosions in hotels and churches kill at least 160

Sun, 04/21/2019 - 09:35 - [CET]
In Colombo, at least 40 were killed as a result of a series of explosions that took place in several cities of Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019. In Katuvapitya in Katana - 93 were killed, in Battikaloa - 27 victims. The explosions occurred at hotels and Catholic churches of the republic, when local residents were celebrating Catholic Easter. At least 160 people were killed as a result of six explosions that took place at hotels and Catholic churches in Sri Lanka on April 21, local website News First reports. During the bombings in capital city Colombo, where explosive devices detonated in three hotels and in one church, 40 people were killed, another 295 were injured. In Katana, according to local police, an explosion in a church killed 93 people. As many as 27 were killed in an explosion in a church of Battikaloa.
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Meet Jeremy Hunt: The (Lightweight) Laboratory Politician

Sat, 04/20/2019 - 12:18 - [CET]
The British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary: Squeaky clean, making the right sounds at the right time, the epitome of today's political class of elected representatives Jeremy Hunt, the British Foreign Secretary, has apparently made a reference that he would welcome Kay Burley of Sky News as a potential Number Ten spin doctor. Kay Burley? The one as famous for her questions "How do you go to the toilet" as is her news outfit with its "Hey guys! Looking for some revenge for 9/11?" in Iraq and reporting that Gaddafy was bombing civilians in Tripoli. And apparently, she turned the idea town. Jeremy Hunt is the type of person who would spend his youth speaking about the special attributes of "The Englishman" in public debates as a schoolboy, delighting audiences with soundbite snippets such as "The Englishman always arrives early for a meeting but brings a cast-iron excuse with him if he is late", or "The Englishman spends hours in the Spanish sun poring over Wisden's cricket almanac".
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Russia bans exports of oil, coal and petroleum products to Ukraine

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:30 - [CET]
Three days before the second stage of the presidential election in Ukraine, Russia has banned exports of oil, coal and petroleum products to Ukraine. One will need to obtain special permits to export oil, coal and petroleum products from Russia to Ukraine. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced an expansion of the list of sanctions against Ukraine. The list of Ukrainian goods, the imports of which to Russia is not allowed, has been expanded as well. Russia is expanding the ban on the import of certain types of Ukrainian goods. The decision will affect Ukrainian engineering products, light industry, metalworking, the cost of which amounted to almost $250 million last year. The introduction of the new sanctions come in return to Kiev's unfriendly actions in relation to Russia, Medvedev said. On April 10, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers expanded the list of goods, the imports of which from Russia to Ukraine has been restricted. The list of the goods includes, in particular, glass containers, formalin, equipment for railway automation devices, and other products.Russia has imposed new sanctions on Ukraine three days before the second round of the presidential election in Ukraine, which is scheduled for April 21. The first round took place on March 31. None of 39 candidates could collect more than 50% of the votes with two leaders of the race thus entering the second round - actor and entertainer Vladimir Zelensky (30.24% of the votes) and sitting president of the country, Petro Poroshenko (15.95%).At the end of last year, the government of Ukraine extended restrictions on importing a range of Russian goods until December 31, 2019. It goes about dairy products, tea, coffee, beer, alcohol, personal care products, shampoos, shower gels, soap, railway equipment, chemical products for agriculture and so on.On December 29, the Russian government expanded the list of goods, the imports of which from Ukraine to Russia was prohibited: beer, wine, chocolate, sunflower oil, seeders, crushed stone, cardboard, etc. Russia's food embargo affected Ukraine in the beginning of 2016, when imports of Ukrainian pork, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, dairy products and a number of other food products were banned.
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Putin sends telegram to Macron after Notre Dame fire: Russia ready to help

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 18:03 - [CET]
The leaders of many countries and organizations expressed their condolences to French people and President of France Emmanuel Macron in connection with the massive fire that engulfed probably one of the most renowned buildings in the world - the medieval Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris. US President Donald Trump was one of the first to have reacted to the disaster in the French capital. Emmanuel Macron received messages of support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Teresa May, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, from the Vatican and many other officials. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to Macron only the day after the fire, on April 16, as the Kremlin press service said. "Notre Dame de Paris is a historical symbol of France, an invaluable treasure of European and world culture, one of the most important Christian shrines. The tragedy that occurred this night in Paris has echoed with pain in the hearts of Russian people," Putin wrote in the telegram to Macron. Putin expressed a hope that the cathedral would be restored. He suggested sending best Russian specialists to France who have extensive experience in restoring monuments of world cultural heritage, including works of medieval architecture.Earlier, Director of the Department of Museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Kononov, said that Russia could arrange a campaign to collect donations to reconstruct the legendary French cathedral.
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Notre Dame, Brexit and Assange: What matters

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:58 - [CET]
Notre Dame, Brexit and Assange: What matters Notre Dame bears a fleeting tear but not a permanent scar. The same cannot be said for Brexit-laden Britain where a huge injustice awaits Assange. A tear, a scar and a gaping wound - the consequences of a week of news culminating in the patrimonial catastrophe experienced by the City of Light, the death throes of Parliamentary democracy in the UK and the question of freedom opened by Assange.
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Does the world need evil?

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 12:02 - [CET]
By David Hoffman During my years of writing for Pravda.Ru, many of my articles, either implicitly or explicitly, discussed four fundamental themes. The first is that the actions and inactions of human beings are incessantly motivated by their basest instincts, and then rationalizations or faux justifications are manufactured to conceal this reality.
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Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning: Martyred Behind Bars for Truth-Telling

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 17:07 - [CET]
Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning: Martyred Behind Bars for Truth-Telling In 2013, Assange said "(Chelsea) Manning has become a martyr, adding: She "didn't choose to be a martyr. I don't think it's a proper way for activists to behave to choose to be martyrs, but these (individuals, Manning, Edward Snowden and others) have risked their freedom, risked their lives, for all of us. That makes them heroes."
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Russia and NATO terminate cooperation in military and civil areas completely

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 14:41 - [CET]
Russia and NATO have put an end to cooperation in both civil and military areas, Alexander Grushko, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation said."NATO has abandoned positive agenda in relations with Russia. It does not exist. So far there are no indications of NATO's knowledge of a way to get out of this impasse," the official said. Grushko said that the decision of the alliance to terminate normal working contacts in the military area was absurd, because security in Europe largely depends on relations between Russia and NATO. The alliance has gone too far in exacerbating confrontation with Russia, he said. "It's a paradox, but today's Russia-NATO relations are very reminiscent of the "common" state of affairs, for which NATO was created - for the cold war. They have wiped the dust again from the Harmel Report: dialogue and deterrence. In this formula, however, there is a lot of deterrence and little dialogue now," Alexander Grushko said. He noted that NATO's total military expenditure over the past year exceeded a trillion dollars, which is 22 times as much as the amount of Russia's defense spending. However, Moscow is not going to take part in the race to build up military budgets with NATO, but rather puts emphasis on "economical, precise and effective means."With regard to the armed conflict with NATO, Grushko hopes that it will not happen. "It would be a disaster for all of humanity. I am sure that this is understood in both Washington and Brussels," he said. According to Grushko, it could be possible to upgrade NATO by building a true strategic partnership with Russia."An attempt like this was made at the Russia-NATO summit in Lisbon in 2010. In reality, however, NATO members would have to sacrifice their "exceptionalism", discover the art of compromise, work on an equal footing, and pay first priority to group, rather than common interests. It did not happen," the diplomat concluded. Also read: NATO to strike Russia through Suwalki Corridor
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Global peace and security: Why wars on humanity?

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 11:47 - [CET]
"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."  Albert Einstein By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. The global systems of political governance are dominated by the power politics of the few and fast becoming irrelevant and unrepresentative of the primary concerns and priorities of the vast majority of global humanity. The UNO or superpowers take no preventive measures to protect the mankind in critical situations like Myanmar-Burma (Rohingas), people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Yemen and Palestine, the global governance tends to be a fantasy than a reality.  You wonder if the UNO has lived up to its role and the Charter-based responsibility to safeguard the people of the world from the 'scourge of wars', horrors of planned violence, devastation of human cultures and habitats in good many raging conflicts. All in all, it is the humanity subjected to untold miseries, bloodbath and catastrophic consequences lingering on and unending for the generations to come. These few are the source of evil driving the mankind to unrestrained tyranny. The Statute of the International Criminal Court states "planning and waging a war of aggression is a crime against humanity."
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Declaration of Florence: For an International Front NATO Exit

Sat, 04/13/2019 - 19:33 - [CET]
Declaration of Florence: For an International Front NATO Exit The risk of a vast war which, with the use of nuclear weapons, could mean the end of Humanity, is real and growing, even though it is not noticed by the general public, which is maintained in the ignorance of this imminent danger. A strong engagement to find a way out of the war system is of vital importance. This raises the question of the affiliation of Italy and other European countries with NATO.
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Longstanding US Russia Bashing

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 19:04 - [CET]
Longstanding US Russia Bashing Except during WW II, the neoliberal 90s when Boris Yeltsin was Kremlin leader, and end of the Reagan era, Russia bashing has been intense since its 1917 revolution - notably throughout Vladimir Putin's tenure, especially since Trump triumphed over media darling Hillary. by Stephen Lendman
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The attack against the rising multipolar order goes through Nicaragua

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 17:10 - [CET]
By Emanuel Pietrobon Nicaragua is a Central American country whose control has been historically a top priority of the US foreign agenda for Latin America. The country's perfect geostrategic position is the reason of its curse: it is halfway between Mexico and Colombia, near Panama, a strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The possibility of a second "Cuba-scenario" pushed the United States to feed one of the longest civil wars in history, which lasted from 1961 until 1990, provoking over 50 thousand deaths.
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US/Israel Planning Syria-Type War in Lebanon?

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 12:02 - [CET]
US/Israel Planning Syria-Type War in Lebanon?   Hezbollah forces are a significant counterweight to US/Israeli aims for unchallenged regional dominance - why both countries aim to neutralize them.
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The nightmare called Libya

Tue, 04/09/2019 - 12:03 - [CET]
The nightmare called Libya Until 2010, Libya was a stable, peaceful country in which communities lived together in harmony and people went about their business. I choose the year 2010, and not 2011 when the violence started because by the end of 2010 dark forces from Western Europe had already gathered in Benghazi, plotting the unrest which would lead to Libya's civil war from 2011 onwards, culminating in the total destabilization of the State.
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Saudi Arabia threatens to cause US dollar to collapse

Mon, 04/08/2019 - 15:57 - [CET]
The authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consider a possibility to abandon the US dollar as the main currency in payments for Saudi oil. Riyadh may make such a decision in the event the United States passes a new law to ban the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC.High-ranking Saudi officials in charge of the energy sector have been discussing the prospect of waiving the US dollar and switching to other currencies in settlements with foreign buyers. They also discussed the plan with several OPEC partners and members of the White House administration.Thus, the kingdom wants to put pressure on the United States, which in turn is trying to pass a law banning all types of energy cartels. In this case, OPEC member states will lose their immunity, and one will be able to file lawsuits against them for monopoly collusion. The organization will virtually cease to exist under such conditions. The bill, called NOPEC, was submitted to US Congress in 2008. The bill had been rejected several times during the presidency of Barack Obama. These days, the bill has a lot more chances to become law, given Donald Trump's aspiration to put an end to high oil prices through coordinated reduction in oil output. Trump needs cheap fuel on the threshold of the presidential election in the USA.
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All the errors of Italy in Libya

Mon, 04/08/2019 - 15:15 - [CET]
At this point it is clear that something has gone wrong. Libya, whose transition was to be our flagship, proved to be a container of chaos in which Italy has (at least so far) lost its battle. Maybe not the war, because that can still change its course. But certainly the advance of Khalifa Haftar represents yet another signal of a chain of errors to which Rome has never really given a turning point. by Lorenzo Vita Libya has been a series of false steps for our governments, of which we are facing extreme consequences today. Needless to make the history of the conflict: the fall of Muhammar Gaddafi and the forced involvement of our country was a first failure. We radically changed strategy on a government with which we had built a useful axis for our interests. Were we forced? Probably. But it is clear that this war was a mistake that still affects our interests today.
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Brexit: An undeliverable product

Sun, 04/07/2019 - 22:35 - [CET]
Brexit: An undeliverable product On June 23, 2016, just over half of those who turned out to vote in the United Kingdom bought the dream they were being sold: Here is the end of the rainbow. As those interested in geo-political events around the world and in the European Union try to find some sense in what is going on in the UK, and since those in the UK appear not to have a clue what is taking place, where the country is heading and how to deliver Brexit, or not - including the elected representatives of the people in Parliament - let us try to find a consensus and what seems to be missing in today's world, namely common sense.
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The incomprehensibility of Brexit

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 22:58 - [CET]
The incomprehensibility of Brexit One thing I would grudgingly admit that the dictator is correct about is that Brexit means Brexit - all Brexits, however they may be presented, ultimately lead to the same thing - hard Brexit. Some Brexits may take more time to get there than others, or even pretend not to, but with so much power and persuasion and media resting in the hands of so few, all of whom have no interest except the increase of their own wealth, in the end, it is a certainty that every Brexit will eventually devolve to the same state with an isolated nation being preyed upon by US neoliberals and with the scraps they leave being fought over by the very wealthy of other powerful nations.
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Three Cheers for Pension Reform

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 19:11 - [CET]
By Hunter Cawood When it comes to Russian politics, there is hardly a topic more highly contentious or more delicate than the pinnacle issue that is pensions and connotatively pension reform. It's an issue that comes prepackaged with perfervid emotions, high expectations, and a degree of sacrosanctity that has long held the prospects of pension reform evitable. It's for this reason, last summer, while all the world's eyes were squarely fixed on Russia and the 2018 FIFA World Cup - ironically, all of Russia was fixated on an issue much closer to heart.
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Russia does not support Libyan National Army General Haftar

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 15:23 - [CET]
Russia does not support the commander of the Libyan National Army, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who earlier announced an offensive on the Libyan capital city of Tripoli. According to Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin's official spokesman, the Russian administration is watching the development in Libya very closely. It is vitally important to avoid bloodshed in the country and regulate the crisis diplomatically, he added. On April 4, Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army, announced the beginning of an offensive on Tripoli. Later it became known that the general had occupied the first city on the way to Tripoli - Garyan. The general calls his actions an operation to liberate Tripoli. The offensive led to a sharp escalation of the struggle for power, which started in Libya after the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Gaddafi had been ruling the country since 1969.Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Saraj announced the mobilization of government forces to prevent the advancement of Haftar's army.
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Japan - A quiet geo-economic giant

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 19:04 - [CET]
By Dr. Masahiro Matsumura In the turbulent world politics involving extensive international coverage, stable and humdrum Japan does not have much of a presence. Yet, Japan is the world's largest creditor nation while continuously playing significant roles in trade, direct investment and economic assistance. Japan in the background has reinforced itself as a leading geo-economic power while having almost thoroughly eliminated its huge non-performing loans in the banking sector and other structural vulnerabilities over the so-called "lost two decades" consequent on its bubble burst in the early 1990s. Let us examine it by deploying the famous 5 Es of prof. Djawed Sangdel. Emphasizing Japan's world-largest public debts that amount to nearly 240% of its GDP is misleading given that its public assets amount to nearly 200% and that the holding of the government bonds by the Bank of Japan, practically, a part of the government, amount to more than 80%. This is consistent with the good stability of a strong yen and very low long-term prime rates.
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Ambitions are affordable for Asia and the Pacific

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 09:12 - [CET]
By Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana Three years of implementation of the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific shows the region has some catching up to do. Despite much progress, the region is not on track to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We are living in a time of booming prosperity, yet many are getting left behind. Basic needs, such as the freedom for all from hunger and poverty, ill-health and gender-based discrimination, and equal opportunity for all are elusive. Economic, social and planetary well-being has a price tag. Calculations by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) show that it is mostly affordable for the region.
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The Saharawi Republic is a result of people's right to self-determination

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 17:07 - [CET]
The Saharawi Republic is a result of people's right to self-determination By: Deich Mohamed Saleh The long-standing problem of Western Sahara seems to reach its end as the new Special Envoy of the UNSG, H.E. Hurst Kohler, the Germany's former president, was able to get back on track the negotiations on self-determination of the people of Western Sahara after six years of breakdown. Under his auspices, on 5 and 6 of December last year in Geneva, a roundtable held between both parties of the conflict, the Polisario Front and the kingdom of Morocco, besides to Algeria and Mauritania as observers. Kohler said after the roundtable that "From our discussions, it is clear to me that nobody wins from maintaining the status quo." The two parties were optimistic about the results of the roundtable, therefore, they agreed to meet again in the first quarter of this year.
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NATO wants no S-400 systems in Turkey as Turks have F-35 fighters

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 16:14 - [CET]
The United States would like to see Turkey as a member of NATO, but Turkey will not be allowed to have Russia's S-400 anti-aircraft systems, US Permanent Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison said on the eve of the NATO ministerial meeting to take place on April 3 in Washington.According to her, Turkey is a very important ally that makes a great contribution to the alliance and participates in all missions. NATO wants Turkey to stay in the alliance, but without Russian air defence systems. The S-400 system cannot be compatible either with NATO missile defenses or NATO aircraft. The United States remains concerned about the possibility for Turkey to possess both Russia's S-400 and US-made F-35 aircraft. Turkey may deliver information about US bombers to Russia through Russian anti-aircraft systems, US officials believe. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry
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Su-57 fifth-generation fighter equipped with laser turrets to blind enemy

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 15:56 - [CET]
When working on the project of the new fifth-generation Russian fighter jet, engineers have used a whole bunch of innovative solutions and technologies. There's the thrust vector control systems, hypersonic missiles, beam quarter and rear quadrant radar and other technological solutions. The 4 ++ generation Su-34 supersonic fighter-bomber, which was passed intro service in 2014, significantly surpasses its foreign rivals, - but the Su-57 is far superior to the Sukhoi Su-34. A system of controlled counteraction to infrared weapons is a new technology which can save the life of the pilot and the fighter jet itself. Like other fifth-generation fighter aircraft, for example, the F-22 Raptor, the hull of the Russian fighter is equipped with a missile attack warning system. Yet, in addition to pure attack detection, the Russian aircraft also has special turrets designed to "blind" the infrared homing head of enemy's missile. The technology uses the laser beam for the purpose. This difference between the Su-57 and the F-22 gives the Russian fighter an obvious advantage both in air combat and in overcoming enemy air defenses.Laser turrets sit behind the pilot's cockpit in the upper part of the fuselage and beneath it. Russian designers created compact laser emitters on trainable turrets. Photo by Russian Defense Ministry.
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Should Cypriot authorities better check those who apply for their "golden passports"?

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 21:24 - [CET]
On the 27th of April 2015, a cherished dream of a Russian entrepreneur, Emil Gaynulin, who is one of the beneficiaries in Podvodtruboprovodstroy (PTPS) - one of the major subcontractors of a Russian state owned Gazprom, came true - on this very day he received his Cypriot Passport - a document that allowed him freely to move around the globe. Cypriot nationality was obtained by Emil Gaynulin via an investment - he paid more than €3.5 million for a luxurious villa, located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city of Limassol, in a place called Ayios Tychonas (address: 2 Atlantidos Street, Sea Gallery Villas, Ayios Tychonas, Limassol, 4532, Republic of Cyprus). "Cyprus Citizenship by Investment" program has been repeatedly criticized by the EU regulators, inter alia, due to the fact, that various "New Cypriots", primarily of a Russian origin, enjoyed the lack of compliance, which allowed them to move and launder their funds. Cypriot authorities have repeatedly stated, that only individuals without a criminal past, as well as those, who can clearly explain their source of funds, should become national of an EU member state; but does this necessarily represent the true matter of facts? Emil Gaynulin's case may serve, as a very good example of the opposite - for instance, whilst applying for his European nationality, he deliberately failed to reveal, that, in November 1999, the Russian Law Office launched a criminal investigation No. 29/00/0017-96 against him and his fellow associates from FPK "Lyucon", which led to his immediate arest in Prague, Czech Republic, and extradition back home. Should Cypriots thoroughly examined Emil Gaynulin' (who, in 1993-1999, served as a vice president of "Lyucon") affairs, they most probably would become aware of him being charged for a commitment of various quite serious economic crimes. As a matter of fact, during this particular period, Emil Gaynulin reportedly made his "first" million, leading to an establishment of a financial basis for his future Cyprus investments. Experts believe, that Emil Gaynulin' participation in this company alone could be referred to, as a fair ground for a refusal in obtaining an EU nationality - FPK Lyucon, which stands for "Lyubertsy Concern", was set up with the funds of one of the most brutal and bloody Russian criminal gangs - Lyuberetskie, however, this did not happen, moreover, Cypriot authorities allowed Emil Gaynulin to invest further US$100 million in a business of Equix Group, a company, which, in 2015, opened a number of stores in the newly built Limassol Marina, including a Graff Diamonds' boutique. It is hard to disagree, that by making Emil Gaynulin a European, Cypriot authorities established a certain level of a "standard" for others - similar "golden passports" applicants. Further to that, Emil Gaynulin was even allowed to make a living from the passport scheme - in 2016, his Russian business partners, Ruslan Goryukhin and Mikhail Oppenheim, received their identity papers, as a result of an acquisition of a pair of luxury villas with moorings for motor yachts in the Limassol Marina, of course, with Emil Gaynulin' assistance (it is worth noting, that Emil Gaynulin' commission from the sale of this real estate added a round and fabulous about of €1 million into his purse). Inspired by such a success, Emil Gaynulin managed to get a co-investor in Equix Group' operations - in 2016, a daughter of Michael Oppenheim invested €2.5 million in Halcyon Gallery supplemented with a purchase of a house, located in a village in a close proximity from Limassol, paying an additional €0.5 million - apparently, for the sake of obtaining a "golden passport", she decided to keep her eyes closed and omit the fact, that its cost was artificially increased. What is the reason for such "generosity"? The reason is, that alike Emil Gaynulin, Ruslan Goryukhin and Mikhail Oppenheim make their money from the appropriation of Russian state funds, by creating the appearance of construction works for various largest corporations - according to the information in hand, the price exceeded three times an average - it's obvious, that with multibillion-dollar volumes of cash inflows and minimal tax deductions such "trifles" as investments in Cypriot nationality is relevantly insignificant. It is quite possible, that having a more rational approach implemented, people like Emil Gaynulin would not need to create a feigned appearance of a charity, and the Russian state would have sufficient funds on their own to fund its social programs. In all fairness, it is worth mentioning, that unlike Emil Gaynulin, his former business partner in Equix Group, Rustem Magdeev, is a true philanthropist - he builds mosques, helps Russian athletes, finances the production of various documentaries, and, most recently, sponsored the installation of a Rudolf Nuriev' monument, in Kazan, for which he received, in certain circles, the nickname: "Flying Tatar." It may well be the case, that Rustem Magdeev, unlike Cypriot authorities, finally managed to make his checks - recently, he redeemed Emil Gaynulin' shares at Equix Group, in order not to burden himself with such damaging ties.
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The Sino-US Trade War – Why China can’t win it

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 19:17 - [CET]
Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarević Does our history only appear overheated, but is essentially calmly predetermined? Is it directional or conceivable, dialectic and eclectic or cyclical, and therefore cynical? Surely, our history warns. Does it also provide for a hope? Hence, what is in front of us: destiny or future? One of the biggest (nearly schizophrenic) dilemmas of liberalism, ever since David Hume and Adam Smith, was an insight into reality; whether the world is essentially Hobbesian or Kantian. As postulated, the main task of any liberal state is to enable and maintain wealth of its nation, which of course rests upon wealthy individuals inhabiting the particular state. That imperative brought about another dilemma: if wealthy individual, the state will rob you, but in absence of it, the pauperized masses will mob you. The invisible hand of Smith's followers have found the satisfactory answer - sovereign debt. That 'invention' meant: relatively strong central government of the state. Instead of popular control through the democratic checks-&-balances mechanism, such a state should be rather heavily indebted. Debt - firstly to local merchants, than to foreigners - is a far more powerful deterrent, as it resides outside the popular check domain. With such a mixed blessing, no empire can easily demonetize its legitimacy, and abandon its hierarchical but invisible and unconstitutional controls. This is how a debtor empire was born. A blessing or totalitarian curse? Let us briefly examine it.
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Brexit and the issue of EU citizenship

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 15:40 - [CET]
Brexit and the issue of EU citizenship As an individual and independent legal personality, the European Union and citizenship of it is an individual right and cannot be revoked by a single State. Introduction
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What the Mueller report tells us about the post-truth era

Sat, 03/30/2019 - 20:44 - [CET]
The 2016 US presidential elections were the most convulsive in American history: a battle without exclusion of blows characterized by hatred, violence and media sensationalism; but now it is sure that the Russophobic and anti-Trump campaign was all a lie. by Emanuel Pietrobon The Report of the Russian interference investigation during the 2016 presidential elections, commonly known as the Mueller Report, was finally published. To understand if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had acted in collusion, or if Russia had somehow interfered on its own initiative by conveying hoaxes and altering the quality of information on the Internet in favor of the Republican candidate, the investigation committee made use of a team made up of 19 lawyers and 40 agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, listening to 500 witnesses, requesting documentation from 13 governments, obtaining about 500 search warrants and sending over 2800 summonses, reaching a conclusion: a Russian influence it was, but Trump and his staff played no role in this conspiracy.
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Brexit: The wider discussion on democracy

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 16:38 - [CET]
Brexit: The wider discussion on democracy The lesson from Brexit is never to ask the peoples of the United Kingdom to vote in a referendum on anything with great national significance. The second lesson from Brexit is to scrutinize carefully the reasons for the almost total lack of information and clear, hard facts to enable people to reach a decision and the third lesson is the political system itself.
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Truth For Christchurch: Staged, false flag event?

Thu, 03/28/2019 - 15:13 - [CET]
By Jim Jones By now most of you will have had some information about a tragedy in Christchurch New Zealand.  You will have been fed on a well oiled Main Stream Media [MSM] press service which swung into gear surprisingly quickly after the incident.  Of course, if this event actually happened as portrayed in the MSM then it is to be thoroughly condemned as a callous and brutal attack on the citizens of the country - supposedly by an Australian Import and his three identified accomplices. However, all may not be as it seems for many inconsistencies exist in the official story and there are too many similarities to False Flag operations that have been conducted around the world which are designed to sway public option.
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UK MPs Demote Prime Minister

Wed, 03/27/2019 - 17:30 - [CET]
UK MPs Demote Prime Minister On Wednesday, the London Guardian headlined: "MPs to vote on alternative (Brexit) plans as speculation mounts May could announce decision to quit," adding: She's "under intense pressure to set out a timetable for her departure from Downing Street..." Theresa May resembles a "dead man walking," increasingly a prime minster in name only - her wings clipped, her power ebbing. 
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Alaska: Lessons of geopolitics

Wed, 03/27/2019 - 15:12 - [CET]
By Emanuel Pietrobon What if Russia never sold Alaska to the United States? History would have been completely different, this is why the study of the Alaska purchase is a must-to-do for every want-to-be geopolitician and strategist Between 1835 and 1840 the French sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville published "Democracy in America", a two-volume essay focused on the explanation of the reasons behind the firmly establishment of democratic culture in the United States.
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Terror in the heart of the Netherlands escalates into outburst of nationalism

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 15:06 - [CET]
In the quiet morning of the 18th of March, a terrorist attack took place in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, causing a new wave of distrust in the most tolerant kingdom of the world. Living in the very center of the country, a member of ethnic minority, Gokmen Tanis, killed with a pistol three Dutch people and heavily wounded five more in a tram, heading from the city´s central station. The murderer is a 37-years-old, native of Turkey. He left the transport and ran into hiding, nevertheless, getting his face caught on a security camera of the tram. Committing the attack at 10 a.m. in the morning, the police searched for eight hours and subsequently arrested the murderer in one of the living houses, three kilometers from the crime scene. The investigation group had resorted to exceptional measures by the standards of Dutch law. As the criminal´s personality became identified, the investigators disclosed his bank account and discovered that, after the attack, Gokmen transferred an unknown sum of money from a phone. By employing special devices, the group found a phone number, which was linked to the bank account, and tracked down the digital footprint of the shooter.
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Report internet garbage on this webpage 24 hours. Apr 16 0 By POLITICAL AVENUE

On this page you can report the worst and shitty online garbage content that made it's way up to the internet.


Police in the Netherlands are investigating the brutal torture of a bitcoin trader, whose home was raided by criminals looking for cryptocurrency.


The Department of Justice on Thursday announced a criminal charge against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange, accusing him of conspiring to hack into a classified U.S. government computer.


Honestly, check the CNBC headline:
'Alexa, find me a doctor': Amazon Alexa adds new medical skills

Amazon is moving more deeply into the $3.5 trillion health care sector.


Want to learn more about SIGINT? -Read this.
Here's the evidence from within the NSA organization. Even when the original document is dated a bunch of years back in time, we think of it as a schoolbook example of what USA is up to.


Twenty-nine-year old Devon Alexander, of Coraopolis, worked as a behavioral specialist at the Pace Special Education School in Churchill. The drugs included suspected cocaine, crack cocaine, raw and packaged heroin, a plastic bag of Xanax, marijuana and ecstasy.


Why is it a brown-red ring-of-light around the moon! You know, we don't have brown-red clouds in Sweden. What causes the brown-red light around it, never seen before? The shining lasted for a total of 2-3 days and was not constant.


World's most powerful nuclear submarines, Arkhangelsk and Severstal, are to be dismantled after 2020. The Russian federal nuclear power watchdog, Rosatom, found their further exploitation unprofitable.

-None property have space for gardens.. Mar 3 0 By POLITICAL AVENUE

The Yerdelen brothers, construction entrepreneurs from Istanbul was riding a real estate boom, and had plans to build more than 700 minicastles.


CYBERTERRORISM is the use of modern communication technology in the commission of terrorist activities.


At the height of his power, Escobar was said to be the seventh richest man in the world, with his Medellin drugs cartel thought to be behind -up to- 80 percent of all the cocaine shipped to the United States.


NEW DELHI: Gearing up for its most challenging space mission, Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is leaving no stone unturned to make the Chandrayaan-2 (lunar-2) mission a success.


Abwehr scored perhaps its greatest victories in the area of industrial espionage, as agents managed to steal the blueprint for every major American airplane produced in the war effort.


Shorn on the sides, thick on top for the Kim Jong-un look; bright and blonde for the Donald Trump-loving customers. -A creative Hanoi barber is offering free cuts ahead of the leaders’ meeting in the next week in their Vietnamese capital.


Time for a history lesson ! - Here's some old newspaper frontpages you might recognize in memory lane! *Hitler is dead* *Hindenburg* etc.
This is a relatively new post, and it will be updated later with more frontpage material.


Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications. Anyone’s communications at any time.


Here is the complete building, suit and telephone list to all United States Senators including the number to the Vice President (Printed in 2015 by the Sergeant at Arms).


The definition of "political avenue" are built on the fact that a political decision affects the road of life-choices people have access to when they 'travel' through their lifes or the options politicians make available to them.


VX nerve agent on North Korea’s brothers face ! Courts Chemist says Kim had 1.4 times lethal dosage of VX on his face.



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