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Remarks by President Trump in Video Call with NASA Astronauts Aboard the International Space Station

THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE - 1 hour 22 min ago

Via Videoconference
Oval Office

10:00 A.M. EDT

NASA: White House, this is Mission Control, Houston.  Please call Station for a voice check.

THE PRESIDENT:  Do you hear me?

CMDR. WHITSON:  Yes, sir.  We have you loud and clear.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, that's what we like -- great American equipment that works.  And this isn’t easy.  (Laughter.)  

I want to say it’s very exciting to be here today -- very, very exciting -- and to speak to you live with three brave American astronauts.  These are our finest.  These are great, great Americans, great people.  Two join us from orbit aboard the International Space Station:  Commander Peggy Whitson and Colonel Jack Fischer.  And Peggy Whitson has been setting records, and we're going to talk about that very soon.

I'm here in the Oval Office, along with my daughter Ivanka and astronaut Kate Rubins, who recently returned from space and from the Space Station.  Together, we are being joined by students all across America, thousands and thousands of students who are learning -- they're learning about space, learning about a lot of other things -- and they're watching this conversation from the classroom.  And, all over, we have astronauts and we have everybody, who are flying right now, 17,000 miles per hour.  That's about as fast as I've ever heard.  I wouldn’t want to be flying 17,000 miles an hour.  But that's what you do.

Peggy, Jack, and Kate, I know that America’s students are thrilled to hear from you.  But first, I want to say that this is a very special day in the glorious history of American spaceflight.  Today, Commander Whitson, you have broken the record for the most total time spent in space by an American astronaut -- 534 days and counting.  That's an incredible record to break.  And on behalf of our nation and, frankly, on behalf of the world, I'd like to congratulate you.  That is really something.  And I'd like to know, how does it feel to have broken such a big and important record? 

CMDR. WHITSON:  Well, it's actually a huge honor to break a record like this, but it's an honor for me basically to be representing all the folks at NASA who make this spaceflight possible and who make me setting this record feasible.  And so it's a very exciting time to be at NASA.  We are all very much looking forward, as directed by your new NASA bill -- we're excited about the missions to Mars in the 2030s.  And so we actually, physically, have hardware on the ground that's being built for the SLS rocket that's going to take us there.  And, of course, the hardware being built now is going to be for the test flights that will eventually get us there.

But it's a very exciting time, and I'm so proud of the team.

THE PRESIDENT:  Great.  And what are we learning from having you spending your time up there?  I know so much research is done; I'm getting a glimpse of some of it right here in the Oval Office.  What are we learning by being in space?

CMDR. WHITSON:  Well, I think probably the International Space Station is providing a key bridge from us living on Earth to going somewhere into deep space.  So on those Mars missions, we need to better understand how microgravity is really affecting our body, and we need to understand it in great detail.  So, many of the studies are looking at the human body.  We're also looking at things that involve operations of a space vehicles on these long-duration missions and the technological advancements that will be required.  

For instance, on a multiyear Mars mission, we're going to need to be able to close the life support system, and that means we, right now, for instance, are taking solar power that we collect, and using it to break apart water into oxygen and hydrogen.  The oxygen, we breathe, of course.  We use the hydrogen, combine it back with the CO2 that we take out of the air, and make more water.  But water is such a precious resource up here that we also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable.  And it's really not as bad as it sounds.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, that's good.  I'm glad to hear that.  (Laughter.)  Better you than me.  I will say, Colonel Fischer, you just arrived, and how was your trip?  Complicated?  Easy?  How did it go?

COL. FISCHER:  Oh, sir, it was awesome.  It made even my beloved F-22 feel a little bit underpowered.  I launched in a Russian vehicle with my Russian friend, Fyodor Yurchikhin, from Kazakhstan.  Got the immediate perspective change as we got to orbit, and I saw that frail, thin blue line of life around the Earth.  Six hours later, we're docked at the station.  The next day, I install an experiment in the Japanese module that's going to be looking at new drugs and how we can make those drugs for muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's, multi-drug-resistant bacteria -- all sorts of things.  A couple hours later, I watched our crewmate, Thomas Pesquet, a Frenchman, drive a Canadian robotic arm to capture a spaceship from Virginia, carrying 3.5 tons of cargo and science that's going to keep us busy for the next few months, and dock that to the station.

Sir, it's amazing.  Oh, and then, you know, now I'm talking to the President of the United States while hanging from a wall.  It's amazing.  The International Space Station is, by far, the best example of international cooperation and what we can do when we work together in the history of humanity.  And I am so proud to be a part of it.  And it's just cool.  (Laughter.)  Like, yesterday, I had -- well, there you go -- there's our resident space ninja doing the gravity demonstration.  And yesterday morning, I had my coffee in floaty ball form, and, sir, it was delicious.  So, it's awesome.

THE PRESIDENT:  Tell me, Mars -- what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars?  Is there a schedule?  And when would you see that happening?

CMDR. WHITSON:  Well, I think as your bill directed, it will be approximately in the 2030s.  As I mentioned, we actually are building hardware to test the new heavy launch vehicle, and this vehicle will take us further than we've ever been away from this planet.  Unfortunately, spaceflight takes a lot of time and money, so getting there will require some international cooperation to get it to be a planet-wide approach in order to make it successful, just because it is a very expensive endeavor.  But it so worthwhile doing.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, we want to try and do it during my first term or, at worst, during my second term.  So we'll have to speed that up a little bit, okay?  

CMDR. WHITSON:  (Laughter.)  We'll do our best.  

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, you will.  And I have great respect for you folks.  It's amazing what you do.  And I just want to introduce another great one.  Kate Rubins is with us today, and she has been so impressive with research and so many other things having to do with NASA.  And, Kate, I understand you're the first person to sequence DNA in space.  Can you tell us about that?

DR. RUBINS:  Yeah.  So that was actually just this last summer, and it's a real example of what we can do with technology and innovation.  We've got a sequencer down to the size of your cellphone, and we were actually able to fly that onboard the space station and sequence DNA.  It's not just the technology demonstration, but we can actually use that to do things like detect microbes on the space station, look at astronaut health.  We can easily use that in Earth-based settings, too, to look for disease outbreaks and to do rural healthcare as well.

THE PRESIDENT:  That's fantastic.  That is really great.  I saw some of the work, and it's incredible.  You know, I've been dealing with politicians so much, I'm so much more impressed with these people.  You have no idea.  

Now, speaking of another impressive person -- Ivanka, you've been very much interested in this program.  Tell us something about it.

MS. TRUMP:  Hi, Dr. Whitson.  First of all, congratulations on your incredible milestone today.  You may know that my father recently signed the Inspire Women Act to encourage female participation in STEM fields across all aerospace areas, and really with a focus on NASA.  So encouraging women and girls to pursue STEM careers is a major priority for this administration.

And today we are sitting with an amazing example of that -- Dr. Rubins, and you, Dr. Whitson.  So I would love to hear from you, what was the impetus for you to get involved in the sciences?

DR. RUBINS:  Yeah, so when I around fifteen, I actually went to a conference, and that was very inspiring for me.  It was sort of the beginning of recombinant DNA and understanding biology.  And so just that exposure to scientists and the kinds of things that you can do with science and technology innovation.

MS. TRUMP:  Amazing.  Dr. Whitson?

CMDR. WHITSON:  For me, it was actually the Apollo program was my inspiration, and that was when it became a dream to become an astronaut.  But I don’t really think it became a goal until I graduated from high school, when the first female astronauts were selected.  And seeing those role models, and with the encouragement of my parents and various mentors in college and graduate school, and when I started working at Rice, that’s what made it possible, I think, to become an astronaut.  And it took me a lot longer to become an astronaut than I ever really wanted it to take, but I do think I’m better at my job because of the journey.

MS. TRUMP:  You’re an incredible inspiration to us all.  So I would also like to ask you one more question.  I’m incredibly curious, as I’m sure all the students across the country are, to know what a day in the life in space is like.  Could you share what a typical day looks like, what the challenges are, just any special moments?

CMDR. WHITSON:  Well, a typical day, we wake up and look at the messages from the ground, because we have a huge ground team that’s working overnight to prepare changes or the details of the tests that we’re going to be performing over the course of the day.  So first thing I do is check out that, see what’s changed.  

But on any given day, it can be so dramatically different.  On one day, we might be focusing on science.  On another day, we might be repairing the carbon dioxide removal system.  On another day, soon Jack and I are going to do a spacewalk.  We talked about, last Saturday, we did robotics operations.  I love the diversity of the different activities that we do.  Plus, you know, we have over 200 investigations ongoing onboard the space station, and I just think that’s a phenomenal part of the day.

Of course, there’s also just the living and, onboard the space station, it’s such a unique and novel environment.  Nothing that we’re used to on the ground.  And it’s so special to just be in zero gravity.  So Jack is the new guy here, and I think he can probably give you a better perspective on what that’s like.  

COL. FISCHER:  Well, you know, everything here -- my dad always said that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  And we work really hard up here, but it’s not really work, it’s just fun.  It’s like playing fort almost, only you’re changing the world while you do it.  

And then on the off time, the other morning I was working out, and on our machine that we work out on, right below it is the Cupola window.  And so when you’re on the device where you do crunches, every time you come up, you see out the window.  And it’s awesome because you kind of go, crunch, "Oh, my gosh, that’s beautiful!  I got to do that again."  Crunch, "Oh my gosh, that’s beautiful."  It’s awesome.  Everything we do here is fun, and it feels so great to know that we’re making a difference on the ground and for the future of humanity as well.  So it’s an incredible, incredible job.  

THE PRESIDENT:  You’re making a great difference, I have to say.  And this is a very exciting time for our country, and you see what’s happening with our country in terms of jobs, in terms of business, and there’s such excitement and such enthusiasm.  Many American entrepreneurs are racing into space.  I have many friends that are so excited about space.  They want to get involved in space from the standpoint of entrepreneurship and business.  

Tell us about the opportunities that could exist for the next generation of scientists and engineers.  Is that something that you think a student -- because you have so many students, hundreds of thousands watching -- is that something that you think that students should be focusing, or should they be thinking about other subjects?  What do you think are the opportunities for young students wanting to be involved in space?

COL. FISCHER:  Sir, absolutely.  I think that this is probably the most exciting in space exploration, certainly in my lifetime.  We are about to just have an explosion of activity.  There is so much involvement on the space station with commercial industries and commercial partners.  We have an entire program to manage the science.  NASA has done a wonderful job of seeding a new industry with the Commercial Crew Program and the Commercial Cargo Program so that we can build the infrastructure we need for the future exploration.  

One thing I love about American entrepreneurs is, once you get them going, you better stand out of their way because they’re going to start chucking.  And we’re about to that point.  NASA is taking on that expensive, hard, complex task of going further and deeper into space with the wonderful new rocket, Space Launch System and Orion.  And then, as soon as we break open that door, this incredible infrastructure that we’ve been building is going to be right there to pick up the baton and continue into the stars.  

I would say to all the students that are watching, the time to get excited is now.  If you aren’t studying science and math, you might want to think about that because our future in the stars starts now, and you can be a part of that if, like Dr. Whitson, you can find that passion and work really hard.  And we’re going to find a permanent foothold in the stars for humanity if you do that.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you.  So well said.  And I have to say, there’s tremendous military application in space.  We’re rebuilding our military like never before.  We’re ordering equipment, and we’re going to have the strongest military that we’ve ever had, the strongest military that the world has ever seen, and there’s been no time where we need it more.  And I’m sure that every student watching wants to know, what is next for Americans in space.  

I’m very proud that I just signed a bill committing NASA to the aim of sending America astronauts to Mars.  So we’ll do that.  I think we’ll do it a lot sooner than we’re even thinking.  So which one of you is ready to go to Mars?  Are you ready?  And I think you’re ready.  I know you’re ready, right?  We just discussed that.  She’d like to go to Mars very quickly.  Who’s ready to go to Mars up there? 

CMDR. WHITSON:  We are absolutely ready to go to Mars.  It’s going to be a fantastic journey getting there, and very exciting times, and all of us would be happy to go.  But I want all the young people out there to recognize that the real steps are going to be taken in a few years.  And so by studying math, science, engineering, any kind of technology, you’re going to have a part in that, and that will be very exciting.

THE PRESIDENT:  I just want to thank you very much.  And, Dr. Whitson, I just -- congratulations.  Amazing.  What an amazing thing that you’ve done.  Everybody here -- I know you’re family -- but everybody here is incredibly proud of the record you just broke.  I hope that every young American watching today finds, in your example, a reason to love space and think about space because many great things are going to come out, tremendous discoveries in medicine and so many other fields.

So thank you very much.  I want to say God bless you, God bless America.  We are very, very proud of you, and very proud of your bravery.  Thank you very much.

10:19 A.M. EDT

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THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 12:48

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on NBC’s Meet The Press: “[President Trump] is fulfilling his promises and doing it at breakneck speed.”

CHIEF OF STAFF REINCE PRIEBUS: “First of all, if you look at the promises he made on immigration, you have border crossings down by 70%. You look at TPP, one of the first executive orders the President signed was getting out of TPP. You look at ethics, that was one of the bullet points. You had every employee of the West Wing signed an ethics pledge that said you’re not going to lobby for five years after you leave this place, and you’re never going to lobby for a foreign country. Look at Neil Gorsuch, first 100 days a Supreme Court justice is sworn in, first time since 1881. And if you just give me one minute, I won’t drone on. But, this idea about major legislation not being passed within the first 100 days, Barack Obama had a prebaked stimulus package that started in October … passed in February, it was pre-baked. George Bush didn’t get any major legislation until June. Clinton, August 10th. Bush 41, a year and a half later. Reagan, August 13th. Carter, 658 days after he took the office. Nixon, one year. Johnson, 225 days. Here is the deal, the President signed over 28 bills already. Health care may happen next week; it may not. We’re hopeful it will. As far as border security, you said the military. We have right now in the CR negotiating one of the biggest increases in military spending in decades. So, he is fulfilling his promises and doing it at breakneck speed.”

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on Fox’s Fox News Sunday: “We’re talking about historic accomplishment by this administration in the first 100 days.”

DIRECTOR MICK MULVANEY: “What I think folks don’t realize is we’ve signed more legislation into law in the first 100 days than anybody in the last 50 years. We’ve put out more executive orders than any previous administration in the last 50 years and importantly, these are not creating new laws. Most of these are laws getting rid of other laws. Regulations getting rid of other regulations. We are reducing the role of government in your life during the first 100 days, and we are doing so on truly historic basis. Then you add Justice Gorsuch. No president has ever had a Supreme Court Justice confirmed in 100 days, and we’re talking about historic accomplishment by this administration in the first 100 days...”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on ABC’s This Week: “The President is honoring his promise to end the lawlessness at the border.”

ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS: “I think the President is honoring his promise to end the lawlessness at the border. The first thing we need to do is to stop the additional flow of illegal people into our country. Many of these are involved in criminal enterprises, hauling drugs, and that kind of thing. We need to end that and then we have to wrestle what to do about people who have been here a long time. But, I would say that the President is honoring his commitments to the American people, to fix this border and we’re going to stay at it. The Border Patrol is working very hard and so is the Department of Justice. We’re going to back them up.”

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly on CNN’s State Of The Union: “We're looking for bad men and women and we're doing that very, very effectively.”

SECRETARY JOHN KELLY: “As I’ve said repeatedly, Dana, the illegal aliens that we're going after are not, if you will, simple, simply here illegally. We’re actually going after the very people that the sheriff references, in terms of criminals, that happen to be here also illegally. And would just highlight the fact that, you know, you can report crimes and not give your name. I mean, the 9-1-1 process is anonymous, if you want it to be. … I hear this a lot – that the reports are down and all that. I would just again tell the illegal immigrant community, if you are simply here illegally, we don't really have the time to go after you. We’re looking for bad men and women and we're doing that very, very effectively.”

Bill O'Reilly's worst week in Washington

CNN POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 12:14
Cable television is defined by change. Formats change, time slots change and, most of all, people change. Hosts move on, go to other networks, try other things.

U.S. Homeland Security not targeting Dreamers: Kelly

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 11:54
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Department of Homeland Security will not target immigrants brought to the United States as children for deportation, despite conflicting statements within the Trump administration, its secretary John Kelly said on Sunday.

GOP ads compare vulnerable Senate Dems to Elizabeth Warren

CNN POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 11:40
Senate Republicans have found a unifying figure to rally around in their fight to maintain and possibly increase their power in the chamber in 2018. It's not President Donald Trump. It's Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Rep. Mark Sanford: Trump's threat on my seat 'counterproductive'

CNN POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 11:29
A prominent Republican member of Congress on Sunday called the White House's threats to stir up primary challenges against those who opposed the GOP health care proposal in March "counterproductive."

Trump to sign energy executive orders on Friday: official

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 11:08
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump will sign several executive orders on energy on Friday, a White House official said on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at New York film panel

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 11:04
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton, who until recently had avoided the spotlight in the wake of her election defeat in November, made a surprise appearance at New York's Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday as a panelist to discuss illegal elephant poaching.

Trump warns Democrats Obamacare will die without cash infusion

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 10:50
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump warned Democrats on Sunday that Obamacare was in trouble and would die without government funding, apparently referring to the possibility of ending federal subsidies to help lower-income people buy health insurance.

What's in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 10:46
As President Trump nears his 100th day in office, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll found that a historically low 42 percent of Americans approve of his job performance thus far. His efforts to keep jobs in the U.S. is one area of bipartisan support among heavy criticism of his judgment, honesty and accomplishments.

Trump visits a Trump-branded property for the 12th weekend in a row

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 10:26
But a new poll shows that most Americans don't see it as a conflict.

White House budget director takes hard line on border wall, as threat of government shutdown looms

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 10:18
Mick Mulvaney says he does not know if President Trump would sign a spending bill without border wall funding.

Trump voters don't have buyer's remorse. But some Hillary Clinton voters do.

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 09:58
15 percent of Clinton backers say they would support someone else in a redo of the 2016 election.

White House official: deal to avoid government shutdown could come today

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 09:44
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said talks between Republicans and Democrats in Congress could reach an agreement to avoid a government shutdown as early as Sunday.

Delays dog 'shovel ready' projects in Trump's infrastructure plan

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 08:23
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump reassured manufacturers gathered in the White House Roosevelt room on March 31 that a massive infrastructure program was coming soon.   “We’re going to make it happen” this year, he said, according to Drew Greenblatt, the president of Marlin Steel in Baltimore, who was present. “That was actually the first thing that he talked about behind closed doors with us,” Greenblatt added.

Sweet home Chicago: Obama re-emerges in city where it all began

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 08:04
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday makes his first major appearance since leaving office, having chosen Chicago, the city where his political career started, to emerge from a three-month hiatus from the public eye.

U.S. defense secretary arrives in Djibouti to visit key military base

REUTERS POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 08:00
DJIBOUTI (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Djibouti on Sunday to visit an important military base at the southern entrance to the Red Sea used as a launch pad for operations in Yemen and Somalia.

Why Trump should think twice before blaming someone else for his meh 100 days

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 07:09
His habit of assigning blame elsewhere just isn't working for him, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll

USS Carl Vinson begins drills with Japanese destroyers

CNN POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 06:10
American aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson started joint drills with two Japanese destroyers in the western Pacific Ocean on Sunday, authorities said.

Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 00:10
Compared to other presidents, Trump is judged lower than most on attributes.

Women in science: Don't give up

CNN POLITICS - Sun, 04/23/2017 - 00:08
From across the fields of science they came, marching to show that women in science have a lot to say.

The week in politics

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 21:06
Take a look at the week in politics from April 16 through April 22.

Trump on Earth Day: 'Rigorous science is critical to my administration'

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 18:53
President Donald Trump declared his support for the environment and scientific research on his first Earth Day in the White House amid harsh criticisms over his actions to roll back environmental regulations and proposed cuts to non-military spending, including at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sec. Kelly: Trump will 'be insistent' on funding border wall

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:44
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Saturday that he believes President Donald Trump "will be insistent" that lawmakers include money for a US-Mexico border wall in a spending bill that they need to pass by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Trump tax plan may produce some short-term budget issues: Mnuchin

REUTERS POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:39
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday that the Trump administration's tax reform plan would produce some "short term issues" when viewed under traditional "static" budget analysis rules.

Readout of the Vice President's Meetings with Australian Officials

THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:37

In addition to his meeting and press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Vice President Mike Pence met today with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, and Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove in Sydney, Australia. In his meetings, the Vice President underscored the United States' unwavering commitment to the U.S.-Australia alliance and to the broader Asia-Pacific region. Vice President Pence conveyed the United States' sincere appreciation for Australia's significant contributions to Afghanistan and to defeating ISIS. He discussed our strong economic ties and the U.S.-Australia bilateral trade and investment relationship. In addition, the Vice President exchanged views with Australian officials on key foreign policy challenges, ranging from North Korea to countering terrorism.

Republicans hope to avert shutdown, enter the week unclear on details

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:04
House Republicans return from spring recess to a jam-packed week needing to keep the government's lights on before a Friday funding deadline and unsure if there will be time to make substantial progress on President Donald Trump's priority to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Ryan promises to keep government open — and makes no promises on health care

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:02
In private call with Republicans, the House speaker urged members to focus on passing a stopgap spending bill. He said a health-care vote would come when he has the votes to pass it.

Though shovels are ready, Trump officials delay grant for Caltrain upgrade

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:30
The popular initiative has become a GOP target, seen as a pet project of Barack Obama.

Trump awards Purple Heart during first visit to Walter Reed

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:10
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday, where the President awarded the Purple Heart to a wounded soldier.

Trump awards Purple Heart to wounded soldier at Walter Reed

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 15:30
It was Trump's first visit to the hospital as president.

Carter Page: Reports on Trump campaign, Russia are 'false narratives'

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 15:24
A former adviser to Donald Trump's campaign referred to reports that Russia tried to influence the US election as possibly "a political stunt" on Saturday in remarks largely dismissive of questions about the issue.

Trump marking 100th day with 'big rally'

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 14:10
President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that he will mark his 100th day in office on April 29 by "holding a BIG rally in Pennsylvania."

Trump to hold 100th day rally on same night as White House Correspondents' Dinner

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 13:46
The president is eager to tout his accomplishments at an important milestone.

Trump's 'big announcement' on tax to be broad principles: official

REUTERS POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 13:36
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's promised "big announcement" next week on overhauling the U.S. tax code, a top campaign pledge, will consist of "broad principles and priorities," an administration official said on Saturday.

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Earth Day

THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 13:28

April 22, 2017

Our Nation is blessed with abundant natural resources and awe-inspiring beauty.  Americans are rightly grateful for these God-given gifts and have an obligation to safeguard them for future generations.  My Administration is committed to keeping our air and water clean, to preserving our forests, lakes, and open spaces, and to protecting endangered species.

Economic growth enhances environmental protection.  We can and must protect our environment without harming America’s working families.  That is why my Administration is reducing unnecessary burdens on American workers and American companies, while being mindful that our actions must also protect the environment.

Rigorous science is critical to my Administration’s efforts to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection.  My Administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks.  As we do so, we should remember that rigorous science depends not on ideology, but on a spirit of honest inquiry and robust debate.

This April 22nd, as we observe Earth Day, I hope that our Nation can come together to give thanks for the land we all love and call home. 


Donald J. Trump

Trump says to visit wounded U.S. veterans at Washington-area hospital

REUTERS POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 12:29
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would visit wounded U.S. veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the armed forces hospital located in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington.

A scholar asks: ‘Can democracy survive the Internet?’

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 12:08
Fake news, hate speech, foreign interference highlight darker aspects of a medium thought to open up the democratic process.

History tells us that Republicans are taking on too much this week — and that it isn’t likely to end well

WASHINGTON POST POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 11:36
Lawmakers face a Friday deadline to keep federal agencies funded through the year. Yet Trump is also pushing for revisions on health care and the tax code — giving the appearance of a frenzied search for wins ahead of the 100th day of his presidency.

Surgeon general asked to resign

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 11:05
Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was asked to resign by the White House on Friday after assisting in the transition to the Trump administration.

March for Science: Worldwide protests begin to support 'evidence'

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 09:52
Crowds of people are marching Saturday in the United States and around the world in support of science and evidence-based research in a protest fueled by opposition to President Donald Trump's environmental and energy policies.

Why you should care about the French election

CNN POLITICS - Sat, 04/22/2017 - 08:40
A presidential election in France is not usually the sort of thing that I would tell you to pay attention to. After all, it's hard enough to convince people that they should pay attention to elections in this country.