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WOW just what I was searching for. Came here
by searching for baseball match !

Have a look at my favorite website: BLOW UP THE CIA NOW

/OPERATOR/ Already seen it ! - It's an .gov NSA website , yes ?

I think, it was developed by employees at the NSA when the US President gave them budget cuts, BUT the CIA instead got + $ 250 million dollars. - - - I can understand their inItial reaction, with the website and all, BUT then 'the Pessydent' understood their problems and 'cutted' both of their budgets. I think it happened back in 1998. But thank you for reminding me of that .gov website. I didn't realize they were still pissed off at NSA. -you see, it's such a long time ago now. They have to move on. /OPERATOR/

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LONDON (Reuters) - A 14-year old girl who died of cancer has been cryogenically frozen in the hope she could be brought back to life in the future after winning a landmark court case shortly before her death, the BBC reported on Friday, 2016-11-18.