Toronto's safe-city tag in question after spike in gun crimes

REUTERS - 28 min 54 sec ago
Canada's largest city was once dubbed "Toronto the Good" for its squeaky-clean reputation but a mass shooting along one of its most popular restaurant strips is part of a nationwide rise in gun crimes, government data showed on Monday.

U.S. airman gets glimpse of Polish family roots at British airshow

REUTERS - 31 min 13 sec ago
Richard Komurek has traveled the world with the U.S. Air Force, but his deployment to a British air show this month provided a poignant homecoming to the English town where his mother was born to Polish refugees after World War Two.

French school in row over tracking pupils electronically

BBC - 35 min 10 sec ago
Pupils protest over a Paris school's plan to track them with Bluetooth devices.

Indian police widen investigation into shelter where girls allegedly raped

REUTERS - 35 min 24 sec ago
Police on Monday widened an investigation to include the possible murder of a girl at a shelter in eastern India, where 29 young girls were allegedly raped and tortured.

Russia detains six prison guards after video circulates showing torture of inmate

REUTERS - 50 min 32 sec ago
Russian authorities detained six prison guards on Monday after a video circulated online that shows at least 10 guards torturing and beating an inmate.

Suspected Boko Haram militants kill 18 in Chadian village

REUTERS - 1 hour 3 sec ago
Suspected Boko Haram militants killed 18 farmers and kidnapped nine women in western Chad, authorities said, part of a wave of violence that has spread from neighboring Nigeria across the region.

Britain would not block death penalty for IS suspects

REUTERS - 1 hour 10 min ago
The British government would not object to Washington seeking the death penalty for two British Islamic State militants if they are extradited to the United States, a Home Office minister said on Monday.

Over 40 explosive objects destroyed during demining works in Syria’s Homs

TASS [Russian State News] - 1 hour 11 min ago
Syria’s supreme national committee for refugee affairs is also taking measures to ensure social support to the refugees

Mexican prisoners flee Sinaloa jail disguised as guards

BBC - 1 hour 13 min ago
The two prisoners escaped in uniforms after apparently paying off warders.

Former Trump aide Bannon sets up group to undermine EU

REUTERS - 1 hour 13 min ago
Former Donald Trump political strategist Steve Bannon and a top associate have created a Brussels-based political organization intended to undermine, and ultimately paralyze, the European Union, Bannon and the associate told Reuters.

USNS Mercy Returns Home Following Pacific Partnership 2018

(USA) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - 1 hour 17 min ago
The Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy returned to San Diego, following its support of Pacific Partnership 2018.
Family members await the return of the hospital ship USNS Mercy to San Diego following its five-month deployment to Southeast Asia in support of Pacific Partnership 2018, July 21, 2018. Navy photo by Sarah Burford

Detectives harbor no suspicions on head of space research institute rocked by spy scandal

TASS [Russian State News] - 1 hour 25 min ago
Roscosmos Spokesman Ustimenko confirmed to TASS that the scientist had been taken into custody but offered no details

U.S. commanders say Afghan strategy boosting peace hopes

REUTERS - 1 hour 30 min ago
Increasing prospects of peace talks with the Taliban show the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is working, despite continuing violence and insurgent control of wide areas of the countryside, top U.S. commanders in Afghanistan said on Monday.

PNB fraud defendant Choksi fears 'mob lynching' in India

REUTERS - 1 hour 33 min ago
One of the main defendants in India's largest bank fraud case made a court application on Monday for cancellation of an arrest warrant against him, citing fears for his life because of a growing number of mob lynchings in the country.

Eritrean conscripts told unlimited national service will end: sources

REUTERS - 1 hour 37 min ago
The latest batch of recruits to Eritrea's national service have been told it will last no longer than 18 months, relatives said, raising hopes the indefinite conscription that forces thousands of young men to flee every month may be ending.

WhatsApp ‘admin’ spends five months in an Indian jail

BBC - 1 hour 42 min ago
He has been accused of sedition, but his family say he was only a 'default admin' of the group

Europe to pay 30% more for US LNG, Russia’s EU envoy warns

TASS [Russian State News] - 1 hour 46 min ago
There is just one LNG terminal on the east coast of the United States so far, the envoy said

Berlin homeless attack: Two men badly burned at train station

BBC - 1 hour 49 min ago
The two men suffer life-threatening injuries after they were deliberately targeted.

U.N. court orders UAE to lift measures against Qataris

REUTERS - 1 hour 50 min ago
The United Arab Emirates was ordered by the highest U.N. court on Monday to immediately allow Qatari families affected by a dispute between the countries to reunite, imposing the measure before it hears the full case filed by Qatar at a later date.

Commandos Contend in Panama's Jungles for Coveted Cup

(USA) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - 2 hours 1 min ago
Nations competing in Fuerzas Comando 2018 learned from each other, improved tactics and increased their special operations capabilities to confront common threats during a commando competition.
A Panamanian commando takes on an assault on a range during the Fuerzas Comando Competition at the Instituto Superior Policial, Panama, July 18, 2018. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Brian Ragin

Russian ombudsperson discusses case of alleged agent Butina with US ambassador

TASS [Russian State News] - 2 hours 11 min ago
The US ambassador assured us that all legal procedures concerning Butina will be transparent

Bangladesh charges eight over 2016 cafe attack, frees British suspect

REUTERS - 2 hours 11 min ago
Bangladesh police have charged eight militants over a 2016 attack on a cafe in Dhaka that killed 22 people, and freed a British suspect detained without charge for the past two years.

UK to set out more details of Brexit plans on Tuesday: minister

REUTERS - 2 hours 13 min ago
Britain's government will publish proposals on Tuesday setting out more details of how it plans to leave the European Union, a junior Brexit minister said on Monday.

Pakistan's dirtiest election in years

BBC - 2 hours 14 min ago
The run-up has been been marred by claims of pre-poll rigging, intimidation and a muzzled media.

Britain would not seek death penalty block for IS suspects: UK minister

REUTERS - 2 hours 17 min ago
The British government would not object to the United States seeking the death penalty against two British Islamic State militants if they are extradited to the United States, a Home Office minister said on Monday.

Trump: 'Gave Up Nothing' to Putin at Summit

VOICE OF EUROPE - 2 hours 22 min ago
U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday that he "gave up nothing" to Russian President Vladimir Putin at last week's summit in Helsinki, but details of their one-on-one meeting remained elusive. "We merely talked about future benefits for both countries," Trump said on Twitter. "Also, we got along very well, which is a good thing except for the Corrupt Media!" He blamed the mainstream news media, "Fake News" as he called it again, for "talking negatively" about his meeting with Putin. Trump and Putin met behind closed doors for more than two hours with only their translators in the room with them. At various times since then, Trump has said that the two leaders talked about Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, stopping global terrorism, security for Israel, the need to curb a nuclear arms race between their countries, Moscow's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, cyberattacks, trade, Middle East peace, North Korea's nuclear weapons and more. But details of what Trump and Putin may have decided have not emerged. Trump late last week invited Putin to visit the White House in a few months for a second summit. Criticism of Helsinki performance Back home from the first one, the U.S. leader drew widespread criticism - from Trump's fellow Republicans and opposition Democrats alike - for his performance at the joint news conference he had with Putin, where Trump embraced Putin's "extremely strong and powerful" denial that Russia had meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, rather than defending the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Moscow had interfered. Trump has voiced a mix of comments since Helsinki, saying he accepted the U.S. intelligence finding of Russian election interference, while coupling it with continued denials that his campaign colluded with Russia. By Sunday night, however, Trump was calling the Russian interference story "all a big hoax," and blaming former president Barack Obama for not intervening to stop it because Obama thought Democrat Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump in the election two years ago. "So President Obama knew about Russia before the Election," Trump tweeted. "Why didn’t he do something about it? Why didn’t he tell our campaign? Because it is all a big hoax, that’s why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!!" ​ Mueller probe On Monday, Trump railed against special counsel Robert Mueller's 14-month investigation of whether Trump's campaign worked directly with Moscow to help him win and whether he obstructed justice by firing Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey last year at a time when Comey was leading the agency's Russia probe before Mueller was appointed to take it over. The U.S. leader attacked the FBI for four times winning approval from a surveillance court to wiretap Carter Page, one of his former advisers, about his suspected ties to Russia, one of the underpinnings of the Mueller probe. Page has not been charged and on Sunday told CNN the allegations that he was conscripted by Russia are "ridiculous" and not true. Trump called the Mueller probe "a disgrace to America. They should drop the discredited Mueller Witch Hunt now!"  

Dutch journalists discover large pieces of wreckage at MH17 crash site

TASS [Russian State News] - 2 hours 24 min ago
Dutch prosecutors say that the cause of the MH17 crash has been determined but skepticism still remains, the journalist says

Stalemate over WikiLeaks Assange's future 'coming to a head': source

REUTERS - 2 hours 36 min ago
The diplomatic impasse over Julian Assange's six-year stay in Ecuador's London embassy is coming to a head, a source close to the WikiLeaks founder said on Monday, after media reports the South American country would rescind his political asylum.

How does British PM May relax? Walking, cooking and U.S. police drama NCIS

REUTERS - 2 hours 48 min ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May gave some insight on Monday about how she deals with what one voter said was the most stressful job in the world: walking with her husband, cooking and watching U.S. police drama NCIS.

Russian cartoon hit rakes in over $1 mln at overseas box offices

TASS [Russian State News] - 2 hours 48 min ago
In August, it will come out in South Korea, and after that, in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia states

U.N. court orders UAE to reunite Qatari families in discrimination case

REUTERS - 2 hours 58 min ago
The United Arab Emirates was ordered by the highest U.N. court on Monday to immediately allow Qatari families to reunite, imposing a measure before it hears in full a discrimination case filed by Qatar in June.

Reuters reporter says Myanmar police planted 'secret' papers

REUTERS - 3 hours 5 min ago
A jailed Reuters reporter told a court in Myanmar on Monday that documents he is accused of breaking state secrets laws to obtain were planted by a police officer, who handed him papers he had not sought in order to entrap him. The officer had then lied to the court about what happened, he said.

Israel's humanism smells blood, TNT and chlorine

PRAVDA.RU [ Russian ] - 3 hours 7 min ago
The Israeli military evacuated the creative wing of terrorists fighting in Syria. White Helmets are known for their fake reports about chemical attacks in the war-torn country, but now White Helmets are safe, spokesman for Israel's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Emmanuel Nachshon, happily said. Needless to say, the United States was the first country to welcome Israel's initiative. In fact, it was the USA that requested the evacuation of "creative terrorists" from Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the lives of members of White Helmets were in danger, so he allowed them to travel through Israel to a third country as a "humanitarian gesture."One is left to wonder about the reaction of those, who lost their loved ones because of the attacks conducted by representatives of such humanitarian organizations, who bomb buses, synagogues and stab people in broad daylight. White Helmets will now be able to please other countries with their videos too. The Israeli administration may not even seem to bother much about the number of makeshift bombs and missiles that fall in residential quarters of Israeli towns. The Israeli prime minister may also suffer from the shortage of chlorine in daily news reports. The USA, Canada, France and a number of other European states asked to save their protégés. Of course, officials with the Israeli leadership know whom they are evacuating. Perhaps, the Israelis concluded a "very good deal" with someone. They know what consequences of dealing with terrorists may be. Anyone can come now to Israel under the guise of virtual humanists.Russia may not agree with Israel in its approach to the definition of terrorist organizations. Israel may consider certain groups as terrorist organizations, but Russia may disagree. In the past, however, Israel used to consider terrorists in the Northern Caucasus and their guests from Arab countries as "rebels." In other words, those terrorists were freedom fighters for Israel, even though they had to behead people on the way to future prosperity. In the context of the above-mentioned humanitarian gesture, assumptions of Israel's participation in the training of Syrian terrorists looks different. White Helmets may take their "show" to Jordan and then to the streets of European cities. It seems that Israel is known what it is doing. Israel's compassion for terrorists may reduce the level of sympathy to the country should tragic news come from Israel again. Of course, we never want any tragedy to happen anywhere, but Israel's humanism smells blood, TNT and chlorine. Vasily AmirjanovPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia’s Moscow selected to host 2019 Beach Volleyball European Championship

TASS [Russian State News] - 3 hours 10 min ago
The Beach Volleyball European Championship is held annually since 1993

Bosnian Serb Leader Pushes to Overturn Srebrenica Massacre Report

VOICE OF EUROPE - 3 hours 19 min ago
The President of Bosnia's autonomous Serb Republic Milorad Dodik pushed on Monday to reopen debate over the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, less than three months before the country votes in elections. Dodik launched a procedure demanding that parliament revoke a 2004 report issued by a previous government which established that Bosnian Serb forces killed about 8,000 Muslims in and around the town during the country's 1992-95 war. Critics accused Dodik of trying to use the issue of Europe's worst atrocity since World War Two to win the votes of hardline Bosnian Serbs in the October 7 general election. Dodik has always rejected rulings by two war crimes courts - The U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and The International Court of Justice - that the atrocity qualified as genocide. Though acknowledging the crime occurred, Dodik said the numbers of those killed had been exaggerated in the 2004 report. A special session of parliament to debate the report will be held on August 14, a parliamentary panel, which convened at Dodik's request, said on Monday. Dodik said earlier that the report had been manipulated to harm the Serbs and that he wanted it overturned. Before this, Srebrenica survivors sent to German authorities a list of Serbs alleged to have participated in the massacre, many of whom are still at large. Many Bosnians settled in Germany after the war, one of a series of conflicts as Yugoslavia broke up. Bosnian Serb forces, led by General Ratko Mladic, took over the U.N.-protected enclave of Srebrenica on July 11, 1995. They separated men from women, detained them and killed them en masse in the following days. Last year, the ICTY convicted Mladic of genocide and crimes against humanity, including at Srebrenica, and jailed him for life. Bosnian Muslim deputies in the Serb Republic parliament condemned Dodik's initiative. "The initiative ... is shameful when even the birds in the trees know what happened in Srebrenica. Dodik has no such eraser that can overturn the local and international rulings related to Srebrenica," one of them, Mujo Hadziomerovic, said. Dodik, who seeks the secession of the Serb Republic from Bosnia, will run for the Serb seat in the country's inter-ethnic presidency in October. Political analyst Tanja Topic said Bosnian parties in general were using such issues to win support. "This is a well-tried political recipe that the ruling parties have been using in their election campaign to mobilize voters around the nationalist agenda on the one side and to discredit their political opponents on the other," she told Reuters. After the war, Bosnia was split into the Serb Republic and a federation of Muslim Bosniaks and Roman Catholic Croats, linked via a weak central government.  

Duterte ally and ex-Philippine president Arroyo gets house speaker job

REUTERS - 3 hours 20 min ago
Former Philippine leader Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was elected speaker of the lower house of Congress on Monday, following a dramatic move by lawmakers to replace a loyalist of President Rodrigo Duterte with one of his most influential allies.

UK will need to ink new deals with Russia after Brexit, EU envoy says

TASS [Russian State News] - 3 hours 29 min ago
The diplomat noted that after the UK leaves the EU, the agreements that had been in force before London joined the EU would be valid again

Santas Converge in Denmark for Annual Congress

VOICE OF EUROPE - 3 hours 31 min ago
Braving Europe's heatwave, more than 150 Santas from around the world donned their heavy suits and full beards at their annual conference in Denmark. As the 61st World Santa Claus Congress kicked off in Copenhagen, many of the delegates — from countries as far away as Japan and the United States — took a paddle in the sea, to the amusement of local bathers. The three-day event will see the Santas visit the Little Mermaid statue during a parade and go head to head in the Santa Obstacle Course World Championships. "Normally us Santas work alone," said Santa Ian Tom, 67, from Scotland, who is attending his sixth congress this year. "This is like a big family. But a family you get on with." For Santa Douglas, 60, from Washington D.C., attending his twelfth convention, it's the international feel of the event that keeps luring him back. "It's interesting how when meeting others their culture starts to rub off on you and yours on them. For example, a lot of the Santa suits now are not the traditional grey Danish one. They've gone more American, which in a way is a shame."

Bosnian Serb leader pushes to overturn Srebrenica massacre report

REUTERS - 3 hours 32 min ago
The President of Bosnia's autonomous Serb Republic Milorad Dodik pushed on Monday to reopen debate over the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, less than three months before the country votes in elections.

Germany Mud Olympics: Competitors get caked at annual event

BBC - 3 hours 33 min ago
Hundreds of competitors played football, volleyball and handball on the mud flats of the Elbe river.

Gunman kills two, injures 12 on bustling Toronto avenue, police say

REUTERS - 3 hours 35 min ago
A gunman opened fire on a Toronto street filled with people in restaurants late on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 12 others, including a young girl, authorities said. The suspected shooter was later found dead.

Britain warns EU: we face 'Brexit no-deal by accident' unless you change course

REUTERS - 3 hours 38 min ago
Britain called on European Union negotiators on Monday to urgently change their approach to Brexit or face the turmoil of a "no-deal by accident".

Somalia's al Shabaab says it storms military base, kills 27 troops

REUTERS - 3 hours 41 min ago
Al Shabaab fighters detonated a suicide car bomb before storming a military base in the south of Somalia on Monday and killing 27 soldiers, the militant group said, its second strike on the base in as many months.

Syria conflict: Assad regime condemns evacuation of White Helmets

BBC - 3 hours 44 min ago
Assad regime calls the removal of hundreds of volunteers and their families a "criminal operation".

HBO may distribute documentary about legendary Russian actor Stanislavsky

TASS [Russian State News] - 3 hours 48 min ago
Konstantin Stanislavsky was a Russian actor and director who cofounded the Moscow Art Theatre in 1897

Reuters reporter insists Myanmar police planted "secret" papers

REUTERS - 3 hours 51 min ago
A jailed Reuters reporter told a court in Myanmar on Monday that documents he is accused of breaking state secrets laws to obtain were planted by a police officer, who handed him papers he had not sought in order to entrap him. The officer had then lied to the court about what happened, he said.

Indonesia still has too much corruption, says Suharto's son

REUTERS - 3 hours 56 min ago
The youngest son of former Indonesian President Suharto, Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, said on Monday he is leading a party into elections next year because two decades of reform have failed to move the country on from corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Far from Ethiopia's capital, change remains a distant dream

REUTERS - 3 hours 57 min ago
Clutching the bloodstained student ID card and post-mortem certificate of his younger brother, Abedir Jamal's elation at the huge changes underway in Ethiopia is tempered by his fear that they won't reach him.

Boulder falls from Jerusalem's Western Wall, barely missing worshipper

REUTERS - 3 hours 59 min ago
An elderly worshipper had a close call on Monday when a 100-kg (220 lb) stone suddenly fell from Jerusalem's Western Wall and crashed at her feet.

Migrants Stranded Without Aid as Tunisia Refuses to Let Ship Dock

VOICE OF EUROPE - 4 hours 2 min ago
A Tunisian boat carrying around 40 African migrants has been stranded off the country's coast without aid for more than a week after authorities refused to let them disembark there, the Red Crescent said on Monday. Monji Slim, an official of the Tunisian Red Crescent, said the authorities had argued that Malta or Italy should accept the migrants. The Tunisian interior ministry declined to comment. Slim told Reuters the boat was stuck 12 miles off the coast. "The African migrants at sea are in a bad condition after the vessel's captain refused to receive aid to pressure the Tunisian authorities to receive them, but no solution has been reached after 11 days at sea." It was not clear from where the migrants had originally set off before they were rescued by the Tunisian vessel. The new Italian government has closed its ports to charity ships operating in the Mediterranean, saying the European Union must share the burden of accepting the hundreds of migrants who are plucked from waters each month, mostly off the Libyan coast. Rome called this month for migrant centers to be set up in Africa to stop a tide of asylum-seekers fleeing toward western Europe. Tunisia has rejected this proposal. At least 80 migrants died when their boat sank off the Tunisian coast last month, one of the worst migrant boat accidents in the North African country of recent years. Human traffickers are increasingly using Tunisia as a launch pad for migrants heading to Europe as the Libyan coast guard, aided by armed groups, has tightened controls.

Trump says he 'gave up nothing' at Putin meeting

REUTERS - 4 hours 2 min ago
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he "gave up nothing" at last week's private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin but remained elusive about their conversation as fellow Republicans and other critics questioned any potential deals.

German soccer body rejects Ozil's racism accusations

REUTERS - 4 hours 3 min ago
The German Football Association (DFB) on Monday rejected accusations that it was racist after star midfielder Mesut Ozil said on Sunday he would no longer play for the national team because he faced "racism and disrespect" due to his Turkish roots.

Trump Returns to 'Witch Hunt' Tweets Against Mueller Probe

VOICE OF EUROPE - 4 hours 6 min ago
Capping a week of drama, back-tracking and blistering statements from allies about his attitude toward Russian election interference, President Donald Trump on Monday returned to familiar rhetoric, referring to the special counsel's Russia probe as a "hoax" and "Witch Hunt." Trump spent last week trying to reassure the country that he accepts that the longtime foe interfered in the 2016 election, despite his public undermining of U.S. intelligence agencies in Helsinki while standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Trump cast doubt once again in a Sunday tweet, diminishing at least the significance, if not the existence, of the interference and the U.S. investigation into Russia's actions.   "So President Obama knew about Russia before the Election," Trump tweeted. "Why didn't he do something about it? Why didn't he tell our campaign? Because it is all a big hoax, that's why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!!"   White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday that Trump was "obviously" referring to allegations of collusion between his presidential campaign and Russian agents.   U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously concurred that Russia interfered in the 2016 campaign. Trump only reluctantly accepted their assessment amid the firestorm of last week's reaction to his comments at a summit news conference with Putin.   "Obviously the president is talking about the collusion with his campaign," Sanders said. "He's been very clear that there wasn't any. I think he's said it about 1,000 times."   On Monday, Trump again mischaracterized documents released by the FBI this weekend related to the agency's wiretapping of Carter Page, a onetime campaign adviser. Trump is claiming without evidence that the FBI inappropriately used political research by British spy Christopher Steele to mislead the court into granting a wiretap order, then classified the documents to "cover up misconduct." He was quoting a conservative activist on Fox News.   That's not what the documents show, though. Released online Saturday under the Freedom of Information Act, the documents note the political ties to Steele's work but said it still believed some of his report to be "credible." The FBI said it suspected Page had been "collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government."   Visible portions of the heavily redacted documents, released Saturday under the Freedom of Information Act, show the FBI telling the court that Page "has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government." The agency also told the court that "the FBI believes Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government."   Page denies being a foreign agent.   Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating potential collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign. Two Trump associates, former national security adviser Mike Flynn and campaign foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty last year to charges brought by Mueller alleging they had lied to the FBI about their Russia contacts.   Trump tweeted Monday: "They should drop the discredited Mueller Witch Hunt now!"   The documents were part of officials' application for a warrant to the secretive foreign intelligence surveillance court, which signed off on surveilling Page. Trump tweeted Sunday on the documents: "As usual they are ridiculously heavily redacted but confirm with little doubt that the Department of  'Justice' and FBI misled the courts. Witch Hunt Rigged, a Scam!"   The release appears to undercut some of the contentions in a memo prepared by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes earlier this year. Nunes, R-Calif., and other Republicans had said that anti-Trump research in a dossier prepared by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and paid for by Democrats was used inappropriately to obtain the warrant on Page.   While the documents confirm that the FBI relied, in part, on information from Steele to obtain the initial warrant, they also show how the FBI informed the court of his likely motivation.   A page-long footnote in the warrant application lays out the FBI's assessment of Steele's history and the likely interest of his backer, adding that despite the political concern, the bureau believed at least some of his report to be "credible."   Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California, a ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said the documents detail "just why the FBI was so concerned that Carter Page might be acting as an agent of a foreign power."   "It was a solid application and renewals signed by four different judges appointed by three different Republican presidents," Schiff said on ABC's "This Week." Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida also broke with Trump, saying he didn't think the FBI did anything wrong in obtaining warrants against Page.   "I have a different view on this issue than the president and the White House," Rubio said Sunday on CBS' Face the Nation. "They did not spy on the campaign from anything and everything that I have seen. You have an individual here who has openly bragged about his ties to Russia and Russians."   In a 2013 letter, Page had described himself as an "informal adviser" to the Kremlin but now said "it's really spin" to call him an adviser.   Page has not been charged with a crime, but he has been interviewed by the FBI and congressional investigators about his ties to Russia. White House officials have argued that Page, announced by the president in early 2016 as a foreign policy adviser, played only a minor role in the Trump campaign.   The documents released Saturday include the FBI's October 2016 request to surveil Page and several renewal applications. It marks the first time in the more than 40-year history of the highly secretive court that underlying documents for a warrant have been released.    

German FA rejects Ozil's racism claim

BBC - 4 hours 11 min ago
Germany's football association rejects allegations of racism from Mesut Ozil but accepts it could have done more to protect him from abuse.

Rare secular candidate in Pakistan hounded by angry mobs

REUTERS - 4 hours 11 min ago
It began with a audience members asking Pakistani parliamentary candidate Jibran Nasir to declare his religion at a public forum, a request he politely refused on the grounds it is irrelevant.

Donald Trump to repaint Air Force One in colors of Russian flag

PRAVDA.RU [ Russian ] - 4 hours 17 min ago
US President Donald Trump ordered to repaint his Air Force One aircraft in white, blue and red. Many in the United States immediately assumed that Trump wanted his presidential airline to look like a Russian flag. However, Donald Trump wanted to make his Boeing 747 aircraft look "more patriotic and original." The present-day livery (fuselage colors), Trump believes, does not properly reflect the spirit of the United Staes of America. Therefore, the US president assumed that it would be more patriotic to use red, white and blue colors of the US flag to replace luminous ultramarine on the fuselage of Air Force One. These colors are the colors of the flags of the United States of America, Russia, France, Slovenia and some others countries.Many Americans believe, however, that Trump has no right to change the colors that US  presidential airliners have been carrying since the 1960s. It is worthy of note that white and blue (baby blue) colors were chosen for Air Force One by then-President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.

Russia’s high jumper Chicherova applies for neutral status participation with IAAF

TASS [Russian State News] - 4 hours 25 min ago
​ Russia’s 2012 Olympic Champion Anna Chicherova has submitted an application with the IAAF for a permission to take part in international tournaments under a neutral status

Lebanese army kills suspected drug dealer, seven others in raid: statement

REUTERS - 4 hours 25 min ago
The Lebanese army killed a suspected drug dealer and seven others during a raid in northeast Lebanon on Monday, the army said.

Gunman kills two, injures 12 on Toronto street, police say

REUTERS - 4 hours 30 min ago
A gunman opened fire on a Toronto street filled with restaurants late on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 12 others, including a young girl, authorities said. The suspected shooter was later found dead.

French beating scandal reveals Macron's feet of clay

BBC - 4 hours 35 min ago
This affair will pass but the ham-fisted response exposes a lack of talent in the Elysée.

Suspected drug dealer, seven others killed in Lebanese army raid: army source

REUTERS - 4 hours 35 min ago
A suspected drug dealer and seven others were killed during a Lebanese army raid on a house in the country's northeast on Monday, an army source said.

Christian Pulisic: Dortmund star poses with young fan being dragged off by security

BBC - 4 hours 36 min ago
Borussia Dortmund's Christian Pulisic stops security guards dragging away a young fan who had run on to the pitch for a selfie after the club's game with Liverpool.

French Interior Minister Defends Handling of Macron Aide Scandal

VOICE OF EUROPE - 4 hours 39 min ago
France's interior minister on Monday defended his handling of a video showing a top security aide to President Emmanuel Macron hitting a May Day protester, a scandal that has rocked the government and prompted accusations of a cover-up. Speaking before a parliamentary commission, Gerard Collomb said his staff told him about the video on May 2, the day after Alexandre Benalla beat the man during a police operation to clear protesters from a Paris square. But Collomb, who had faced calls to resign from opposition lawmakers, said his staff had informed the police and Macron's office about the incident. "It was up to them to respond," he said, adding that it was not his role to inform prosecutors. Benalla is seen wearing a police helmet and armband in the video and Collomb told lawmakers he was also in possession of a police radio — even though he was only there as an observer, accompanied by an officer who was supposed to ensure he did not participate. Collomb said he did not know who invited Benalla to observe the May 1 demonstrations, which were marred this year by clashes between police and 200 violent demonstrators who smashed shop windows. He also said that while observers are routinely invited for such operations and equipped with protective equipment, he did not know who provided Benalla and an associate, Vincent Crase, with armbands and radios. "That is what the IGPN [police oversight body] is surely going to determine in its report," he said. Paris police chief Michel Delpuech was scheduled to appear before the panel later Monday. Despite mounting pressure Macron has yet to speak publicly on "Benallagate," which is swiftly becoming the most damaging scandal since he won the presidency last year promising to restore integrity to government. On Monday, Macron called off his scheduled appearance Wednesday at the Tour de France cycling race, though aides insisted the cancellation was unrelated to the case. Pressure mounts Opposition lawmakers have seized on the affair, with some accusing the government of covering up the alleged violence committed by Benalla and Crase, a security agent employed by Macron's Republic on the Move (LREM) party. Both men were charged Sunday with assault, while Benalla is also charged with impersonating a police officer. Three police officers have also been charged with providing police surveillance footage of the protest to Benalla so that he could claim he was justified in striking the man. Benalla was suspended for two weeks without pay over the incident in May, but it was not clear why prosecutors were not informed of the video and alleged violence. "In my opinion it's up to those responsible in their administrations, closest to the facts, to gather any elements which would justify informing prosecutors of an infraction," Collomb said. Parliament revolt Benalla, 26, was fired Friday after French daily Le Monde published a video taken by smartphone showing him striking a man at least twice as riot police looked on while breaking up the demonstration. Le Monde later posted another video showing Benalla violently wrestling a young woman to the ground during the scuffles on a square near the Rue Mouffetard, on the Left Bank. The man and woman seen in the videos have come forward and plan to testify, a source close to the inquiry said. The government has been forced to suspend debate on a constitutional reform bill after a revolt by lawmakers, who have announced investigations by both the National Assembly and Senate. Adding to the controversy, Le Monde reported Friday that despite his suspension Benalla was allowed this month to move into an apartment in a palatial mansion along the Seine reserved for Elysee staff. He was also provided with a car and chauffeur, the paper said. And while the Elysee said Benalla had been transferred to an administrative role after the incident, he has nonetheless been seen several times since then in Macron's security detail. The scandal could hardly have come at a worse time for Macron, whose approval ratings fell to a record low of 39 percent last week, defying analysts' expectations of a boost following France's World Cup triumph.      

China police probe vaccine maker after scandal sparks fury

REUTERS - 4 hours 41 min ago
A vaccine scandal in China, which has prompted angry reactions from citizens fed up with safety scares, is sending ripples across the local drug market and threatening Chinese ambitions to play a larger role in the global pharmaceutical arena.

Trump says he 'gave up nothing' at meeting with Putin

REUTERS - 4 hours 45 min ago
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he 'gave up nothing' at last week's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin but continued to remain elusive about details of their controversial private conversation in Helsinki.

Russian–Jordanian cooperation to expand at SPIEF 2019

TASS [Russian State News] - 4 hours 47 min ago
Ambassador of Jordan Amjad Odeh Adaileh expressed interest in participation in international economic events scheduled for 2018–2019 in Russia

Face of Defense: New Mexico Native Returns Home to Share Army Experiences

(USA) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - 4 hours 47 min ago
For one soldier, the Army has been a blessing, allowing him to live the type of life many others aren’t fortunate enough to experience.
A soldier in camouflage stands in a store.

Poll: Most Germans Think Europe Can Defend Itself Without US

VOICE OF EUROPE - 4 hours 48 min ago
More than half of Germans think Europe can defend itself without military backing from the United States, a poll showed on Monday, less than two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump said he could withdraw support. Only 37 percent of respondents said they believed Europe depended on U.S. military help, the Forsa poll showed. The survey found no significant difference between eastern German regions and western areas, which have stronger historical ties to the United States. In the east, 60 percent thought Europe did not need Washington, and in the west, 55 percent. Trump gave an ultimatum to European allies on July 12, warning a NATO summit the United States could withdraw its support if Europe did not share more of what he called an unfair burden on U.S. taxpayers in funding the alliance. In a rebuke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he also called Germany a "captive" of Moscow because, he said, Berlin supported a Baltic Sea gas pipeline from Russia. About 84 percent of respondents said Trump's comments about Russia controlling Germany were "completely absurd", according to the poll which surveyed 1,004 Germans. Even more — 92 percent — said they suspected that Trump's motive for making the comments was primarily to promote the sale of U.S. liquefied gas in Europe and Germany. Two thirds said they supported the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline because it would help provide Germany with a more reliable supply of natural gas.

Migrants stranded without aid as Tunisia refuses to let ship dock

REUTERS - 4 hours 55 min ago
A Tunisian boat carrying around 40 African migrants has been stranded off the country's coast without aid for more than a week after authorities refused to let them disembark there, the Red Crescent said on Monday.

Facebook bans Flemish paintings because of nudity

BBC - 4 hours 55 min ago
Flemish tourist board complains over Facebook removing nude paintings.

Unique Soviet vintage cars on display in Moscow

TASS [Russian State News] - 5 hours 2 min ago
GUM Gorkyclassic Motor Rally featuring classic cars started on July 21 in Moscow

Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets in Syria, Iraq

(USA) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - 5 hours 2 min ago
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported.
Graphic of solider pointing for Operation Inherent Resolve

Hyperloop test pod sets speed record

BBC - 5 hours 5 min ago
German engineering students set a record as their pod hits 457km/h in a hyperloop tunnel test.

Commission: EU's Juncker Will not Bring Offer to Trump Trade Talks

VOICE OF EUROPE - 5 hours 8 min ago
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will not arrive in the United States for talks with U.S. President Donald Trump with a specific trade offer, the Commission said on Monday. Juncker will travel to Washington on Wednesday for talks focused on trade tensions between the European Union and the United States. "I do not wish to enter into a discussion about mandates, offers because there are no offers. This is a discussion, it is a dialogue and it is an opportunity to talk and to stay engaged in dialogue," Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told a news conference.

Russian embassy: White Helmets exit from Syria curbs risks of staged chemical attack ops

TASS [Russian State News] - 5 hours 15 min ago
Damascus believes that the White Helmets are linked to the Jabhat al-Nusra terror organization

Uber driver streamed hidden camera videos on Twitch

BBC - 5 hours 19 min ago
Uber and Lyft suspend a driver who live-streamed videos of his passengers without their knowledge.

French interior minister seeks to shift blame over Macron bodyguard scandal

REUTERS - 5 hours 36 min ago
France's interior minister appeared on Monday to deflect blame over the handling of a video showing Emmanuel Macron's bodyguard beating a protester telling lawmakers he thought the presidency had dealt with the incident after he informed them.

Delay in shutting down NTPC power plant led to deadly blast in India: probe

REUTERS - 5 hours 37 min ago
An explosion of hot gas at a boiler at NTPC's Unchahar power plant last year that killed 45 workers was the result of an "error in judgment" by some of the plant's most experienced operators, according to an internal report on the state-run electricity producer's biggest disaster.

Philippines' Duterte to keep up 'relentless and chilling' drugs war

REUTERS - 5 hours 38 min ago
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday vowed to sustain the momentum of his bloody war on drugs, telling the nation in an annual address that the fight would be as "relentless and chilling" as during his first two years in power.

China police probe vaccine maker Changsheng Bio-technology: Xinhua

REUTERS - 5 hours 45 min ago
Chinese police are investigating vaccine maker Changsheng Bio-technology Co Ltd after the firm was found to have faked documents related to a rabies vaccine, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

Damascus condemns White Helmet evacuation as 'criminal operation'

REUTERS - 5 hours 54 min ago
The Syrian government on Monday condemned the evacuation of hundreds of Syrian White Helmet rescue workers, calling it a "criminal operation" undertaken by "Israel and its tools".

Moscow court upholds administrative arrest of Pussy Riot member

TASS [Russian State News] - 5 hours 55 min ago
The court barred them from visiting official sports events for three years

Most Germans think Europe can defend itself without U.S. help: poll

REUTERS - 6 hours 42 sec ago
More than half of Germans think Europe can defend itself without military backing from the United States, a poll showed on Monday, less than two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump said he could withdraw support.

Vietnam jails 10 more for protests over economic zones

REUTERS - 6 hours 3 min ago
A court in Vietnam on Monday jailed 10 people for terms ranging from two to 3-1/2 years after they were arrested in last month's nationwide protests against new economic zones, state media said.

Turkey detains 43 suspected Islamic State militants: police

REUTERS - 6 hours 8 min ago
Turkish police said on Monday they had detained 43 people on suspicion of being foreign members of the Islamic State militant group in a series of operations across Istanbul.

Slovenian president fails to name PM in fragmented parliament

REUTERS - 6 hours 9 min ago
Slovenian President Borut Pahor told parliament on Monday he would not nominate a candidate for prime minister as no party held majority support in parliament.

Kenyan TV unveils husband and wife news team

BBC - 6 hours 13 min ago
A married couple are presenting the news on Kenya's leading TV station for the first time.

Security forces end attack on Erbil governorate by suspected Islamic State militants

REUTERS - 6 hours 18 min ago
Kurdish security forces killed gunmen who had stormed government building in the Kurdish city of Erbil on Monday in an attack suspected of being carried out by Islamic State, security officials said,

Russia's Novak, Iran's Zanganeh discuss energy cooperation

REUTERS - 6 hours 22 min ago
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak met Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh in Moscow on Monday and discussed energy cooperation between the two countries and through OPEC, Russia's Energy Ministry said.

Britain's new foreign minister warns of no-deal Brexit risk

REUTERS - 6 hours 24 min ago
Britain's foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Monday there was a risk of no-deal Brexit if EU negotiators waited too long for Britain to "blink", as the deadline for an agreement nears.

Putin discusses Caspian summit with Kazakh president — Kremlin

TASS [Russian State News] - 6 hours 28 min ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a telephone conversation with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev

UK wants two Islamic State fighters to face trial in most appropriate country: PM May's spokeswoman

REUTERS - 6 hours 32 min ago
Prime Minister Theresa May wants two British Islamic State militants to be tried in the most appropriate jurisdiction, her spokeswoman said, after a newspaper reported that the government will send them for trial in the United States.

Somalia's al-Shabab carries out attack on military base

BBC - 6 hours 36 min ago
Al-Shabab says it has killed 27 soldiers, but there is no independent confirmation of casualties.

Normandy Four political directors to discuss Donbass referendum in Berlin

TASS [Russian State News] - 6 hours 50 min ago
The Normandy Four meeting of political directors is set to take place at the end of the week in Berlin