Here is some American Senators Email addresses and some other fun shit!




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Subject: Is it okey that I publish the e-mails I have on this list here within this e-mail? Its a couple of US Senators and other trashy figures. If you don't respond I consider it to be okey! /Thanks. You're the best! Love you. And shit like that.
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Is it okey that I publish the e-mails I have on this list here within this e-mail?
Its a couple of US Senators and legislators, I really don't know. Some human trash according to the Norwegians. But I really can't tell:

-I just think the list looks cool on my website.

/Thanks. You're the best! Love you.

Great list!

[No HABLO Español]

Members of the 64th Legislature 2015-2016
Name E-mail District Party
Senator Jan Angel District 26 R
Senator Barbara Bailey District 10 R
Senator Michael Baumgartner District 6 R
Senator Randi Becker District 2 R
Senator Don Benton District 17 R
Senator Andy Billig District 3 D
Senator John Braun District 20 R
Senator Sharon Brown District 8 R
Senator Maralyn Chase District 32 D
Senator Annette Cleveland District 49 D
Senator Steve Conway District 29 D
Senator Bruce Dammeier District 25 R
Senator Brian Dansel District 7 R
Senator Jeannie Darneille District 27 D
Senator Doug Ericksen District 42 R
Senator Joe Fain District 47 R
Senator Karen Fraser District 22 D
Senator David Frockt District 46 D
Senator Cyrus Habib District 48 D
Senator Jim Hargrove District 24 D
Senator Bob Hasegawa District 11 D
Senator Mike Hewitt District 16 R
Senator Andy Hill District 45 R
Senator Steve Hobbs District 44 D
Senator Jim Honeyford District 15 R
Senator Pramila Jayapal District 37 D
Senator Karen Keiser District 33 D
Senator Curtis King District 14 R
Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles District 36 D
Senator Marko Liias District 21 D
Senator Steve Litzow District 41 R
Senator Rosemary McAuliffe District 1 D
Senator John McCoy District 38 D
Senator Mark Miloscia District 30 R
Senator Mark Mullet District 5 D
Senator Sharon Nelson District 34 D
Senator Steve O'Ban steve.o' District 28 R
Senator Mike Padden District 4 R
Senator Linda Evans Parlette District 12 R
Senator Kirk Pearson District 39 R
Senator Jamie Pedersen District 43 D
Senator Kevin Ranker District 40 D
Senator Ann Rivers District 18 R
Senator Pam Roach District 31 R
Senator Christine Rolfes District 23 D
Senator Mark Schoesler District 9 R
Senator Tim Sheldon District 35 D
Senator Dean Takko District 19 D
Senator Judy Warnick District 13 R

It might be these ones on the list, I don't know. (I know they seem really ehh.... alive(?) Perhaps it's age, I don't know...?



Just some extra

—Are you alone?
Do you want to know what time it is in Washington DC?
Do you want to tell about ANYTHING at all?
You wanna request a new color on the Statue of Liberty?
Here´s the switchboard number to The White House: 202-555-1212
Call right away, they are always polite! They don't mind ME calling!

10 years ago, I was at home at Grandma in Sweden one night on 'a drug called speed', and had nothing to do, and the whole town where I was staying, was sleeping,
-So I called the White House and asked what time it was (?) Very me! The operator kept asking me who I wanted to talk to,...
but I got the time from her, in the end...
-Very important to know what time it is, on the other side of the planet, isn't it?
Then I looked at cable-tv.


I'm Swedish.

And don't fuck up (your persona)

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