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On Frontpage: Funny photos and images. This is something you should look at! Some are political, some are funny and some has a point attached to them. Hope you have fun !

Here is the answer to a real job application! He is listing his earlier job as " super secret spy ".

NEWS IN SHORT: Seven public toilets across Cardiff are to shut due to high running costs - estimated at about £16 each time they are used. Cardiff council said the automated units would close on 31 March before being removed. Its 20-year operational contract was meant to run until April 2025. The seven toilets are on Penlline Road, Ty Glas Road, Albany Road, Four Elms Road, Frederick Street, Delta Street and Harrowby Street. Cabinet member for environment, Bob Derbyshire, said the running costs could "no longer be justified".
[BBC Late March 2016]


Resturant seeks music deal without paying anything at all for it.

Knock-knock.. Who is it? The Police!
Who is it? The Police.

Bad luck 13 picture


Capitalism can have side-effects... It seems.

A politician must make decisions that create jobs and minimizes unemployment.

Perhaps that was not what we meant.

Honesty-Clinton Picture.

Obama, Clinton and Bush on the same picture!

The worlds "most powerful man" have some orders to the White House Secret Service !

It's an old joke, but it still works.

Honesty again.

Gotta make tough decisions as President.

Do they mean Obama ?

Look how fun women thinks it is to drive a car !



This is not promoting or political campaigning, this is actually littering !

This is decorating.

Facelift without Botox. The difference is that meth-amphetamine gives a more professional look !

Everyone has a skill in the Creation! Here you see the actual "chosen one" to calculate your income tax returns every year!
Let's see... You and your wife have paid a total of + $ 30.000 in taxes this year.
Minus the real tax you really should pay after all adjustments have been made - $ 28.000
...hmmm...let's see - that equals $ 18.000 back in tax returns !!!
- He is astonishing. Right! (?)


This pic we love the best.


This is Kermit, from the Muppet show, behind the production stage:

All pictures taken of UFO's are always out of focus... Why?


Some Catholic humor

Chinas new antiterrorist policeforce on Segways...


" If you like staying in touch, but want to receive only the most important messages, click here. " So I pressed: the click here!

Now I came to this screen, were I wrote: I think you sent like 1280 emails to me the last year, begging for money that i don't have. To succeed in politics you need intelligence, and that can't be bought. You can get it at though.

Do you know how they replied to that? ....Sir / Madam ?

Would you like to see some more emails from the Democrats? Here, I get a lot :

His name is really Jonathan Denis...

But someone changed that, to this instead:

Bush: “Can you believe they elected my father and then me?!”
Bill: “Can you believe they elected me and now they’re going to elect my wife?!

As things turned out, they instead elected the Trumptanic to keep America afloat!
Shit happens. Really Miss Clinton. If you'd just owned a New York skyscraper, people would have seen things differently.
-The fun thing with Trump, as US President, is that it's going to be a colorful story to look at ! Watch and see !

The joke is about what's not so important, like the targets coordinates...

Obama is funny !
*I made this myself* - I couldn't come up with anything else when watching the picture !

This is just a cool pic. Please come back for more another time.

POLITICAL AVENUE: -I accused GOD for fucking with my head.
GOD REPLIED IN MY HEAD: - I can fuck it up even more ! :-/

Just because of that, I will show you my hand, and even if you don't like it, just excuse my language below now :

MANKIND probably have some sense of humor, after all.
Now take a look at the US Government officials, untaxed benefits and accommodations, here:

-He is on his way to work, exiting his house frontdoor :

Russians have crowded next to the street, to see the new police-car driving by them... *in a Russian police show-off*

Here are my latest YouTube video...
Found it on my old hard-drive I have not used for 10 years + more. Edited the ending. Now watch this drive !

Police mugshot of Microsoft's founder Bill Gates, when arrested in New Mexico - 1977.

"On April 29th, 1975, at the age of 19, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) was arrested by the Albuquerque Police department (arrest record #52090). The charges were speeding and driving without a license. It was the first of three arrests in the late seventies by Albuquerque Police."
Gates was arrested in 1977 for running a stop sign and driving without a license. He also was arrested in Calif. in 1989 for suspicion of drunken driving.

Bill Gates got arrested for speeding in Albuquerque. He frequently was caught speeding in his Porsche 911. That day he was driving along with Paul Allen. The bail was set at a thousand dollars. Bill Gates, although only 21, was very successful in his early years at Microsoft, and was immediately able to post bail from his wallet full of cash.

Originally this newspaper article read: "... police in 1977 after a traffic violation which lead to a possessions arrest. Gates reportedly stated he only bought the weed because he can't understand computers without it."



Check this asian pig:

Obama presents the new government budget:

I will add more pictures here later, as the webmagazine develops. :)

Please return!



-IF ANY OF THE PHOTOS MADE YOU HAPPY, then I have no excuse.

/ The Programmer / GN. -

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WOW just what I was searching for. Came here
by searching for baseball match !

Have a look at my favorite website: BLOW UP THE CIA NOW

/OPERATOR/ Already seen it ! - It's an .gov NSA website , yes ?

I think, it was developed by employees at the NSA when the US President gave them budget cuts, BUT the CIA instead got + $ 250 million dollars. - - - I can understand their initial reaction, with the website and all, BUT then 'the Pessydent' understood their problems and 'cutted' both of their budgets. I think it happened back in 1998. But thank you for reminding me of that .gov website. I didn't realize they were still pissed off at NSA.
-You see, it's such a long time ago now. They have to move on. /OPERATOR/

Rosalyn (not verified)
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Hi, I desire to subscribe for this weblog to get the latest updates, so where can i do it, please help out.

/OPERATOR ANSWER/ -Just press the power button on your computer !

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I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have got you
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LONDON (Reuters) - A 14-year old girl who died of cancer has been cryogenically frozen in the hope she could be brought back to life in the future after winning a landmark court case shortly before her death, the BBC reported on Friday, 2016-11-18.
The youngster knew she only had weeks to live when she wrote a heartbreaking letter to a judge asking to be frozen until a cure could be found.

REASON FOR CHOICE OF BEST NEWS 2016: Even though we think that life continues somewhere else, like in heaven or paradise, she wanted to have it, and get brought back to life in the future, AND FOUGHT FOR IT ! AND WON ! She was only 14 years old, and wanted to live. In the future, we might end up with a 14-year old girl, living in 2 worlds at the same time. That was our main reasons. Hope you support our choice of NR 1 best news 2016. Especially considering the fact that she was 14 years old, and had to die, in this sometimes quite fucked up world, but her will and desire to live, manifested in a HOPE, that she MIGHT be brought back to life in the future somewhere. That is why this was the best news in 2016. She was only 14 years old and none could help her with her cancer. So I insist that IF we can make a body live again that has been frozen, she will be the first one "ONLINE" again.
/End of OPERATORS intellectual judgement comment. /
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