Watch the last moments for Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi, a dictator, oppressor and tyrant, on video, and read about his atrocities here on this magazine page.

Putin found the television coverage of Gaddafi's death immoral. WE DO NOT-!


HERE'S THE TRUTH ABOUT LIBYA and Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi :

The following text are taken from the book Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide by Leslie Alan Horvitz and Christopher Catherwood and was published/written in 2006. You can download it for offline reading from our library by clicking the book cover to the right.

Libya has been under the dominion of Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi since he seized power in a coup in 1969. An erratic, temperamental figure, Gadhafi was considered an international pariah for his sponsorship of terrorist groups around the world. Libyan agents were implicated in the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on the night of December 21, 1988. Libya was also involved in the 1989 bombing of UTA flight 772 over Chad, which killed 171 persons, and the 1988 bombing of the La Belle discotheque in then-West Berlin, killing American servicemen. There is little question that Gadhafi was eager to make a deal with the West to remove sanctions on Libya, which led to his repudiation of terrorist organizations he had previously supported. It is also likely that as the United States ratcheted up its campaign against terrorist groups after the attacks of September 11, 2001, Gadhafi decided to rethink his policies. Sanctions against Libya were lifted in September 2003.

At home Libya still retains the trappings of one-man rule. Its human rights record is poor, and citizens’ rights are severely curtailed, particularly when it applies to their ability to change the government. Political opposition is not permitted, and Islamic groups are particularly targeted for persecution. According to the U.S. State Department, security personnel routinely torture suspects and detain them illegally. The methods of TORTURE include clubbing suspects, applying electric shocks or corkscrews to their backs, pouring lemon juice into open wounds, breaking fingers, suffocating with plastic bags, starvation, burning with cigarettes, beating on the soles of the feet, and using attack dogs. Political prisoners are kept incommunicado indefinitely in unofficial detention centers managed by members of the Revolutionary Committees that act as an arm of Gadhafi’s regime. Detainees have been held for years without any official charges being brought. Some human rights groups put the number of political detainees as high as 2,000. (In an AMNESTY, Gadhafi announced the release of 3,000 prisoners, but it is unknown how many might have been political prisoners, because international human rights monitors are denied access to them.)

The government has instituted what is called a Purge Law intended to punish economic crimes. Under the law, merchants and businessmen have been locked up on
charges that include trading in foreign goods, corruption, and financing illegal Islamic organizations. Enforcement is the responsibility of so-called purification committees. The judiciary is entirely under the thumb of the government, and security forces have the right to impose their own sentences without any trial. Citizens have no rights of privacy to speak of and are not even permitted to own private property. Security forces are known to enter private residences without warrants, and the government is entitled to confiscate or destroy property belonging to “enemies of the people” or those who “cooperate” with foreign powers. The freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion are restricted. Some carefully controlled criticism in the press is allowed, but apparently only for the purpose of testing public reaction or weakening a political opponent. Worker rights are curbed as well, FORCED LABOR is practiced, and foreign workers, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, are often mistreated. To maintain power, the Gadhafi regime relies on an elaborate security apparatus made up of security agencies and Revolutionary Committees; according to one estimate, 10–20 percent of the country’s population is involved in surveillance activity. Families or communities are liable to punishment if they fail to inform on criminal or seditious elements. The crimes include “obstructing the people’s power, instigating and practicing tribal fanaticism, possessing, trading in or smuggling unlicensed weapons, and damaging public and private institutions and property.” Whole towns, villages, local assemblies, and tribes can be punished if they are accused of abetting or even sympathizing with perpetrators of crimes. The law specifies that communities could be punished by being denied food, official documents, or utilities such as water and electricity. What is called the “Code of Honor” allows the punishment of relatives of an individual convicted of certain crimes, particularly political dissidence.

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After heavy beating, Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi, got a bayonet up his ass, and the rumors say that he was afterwards shot in the head with his golden gun.

Read the comments from Youtube about his death:

HE WASN'T Killed He WAS MURDERED! ...btw Fuck NATO and USA! 

libyan loyal/
he will live forever mothefucker!!!!!!!!!what goes around will comes around !!!!

Pyro Daddy/
Please don't have libyian as your name when talking like that

he was actually an amazing leader, who got overthrown by western (american) supportered rebels. rip gaddafi.

Checkme7eyGb you must be stupid obviously a teaser which injects over 100 children with aids is an amazing leader . Oh and a man that burns peoples body alive just because they disagree with his opinion is a good leader.

Typical american, without any historical facts judging a man that was a leader of a country who was murdered by bloodthirsty rebels, and not just "killed". And no he was not just a "dictator", only according to american standards because wherever there is gold or any other natural resource, the leader of that country becomes another "dictator". Divide and rule is how your empire has always functioned. Fuck you Philip Defranco, and your dividing States of America..

Why do you call him a Dictator? Why do you call him Evil or corrupt?
Why do you insult me for the truth?

He did not murder his own people, He defended his people from Al quaeda.

Human rights in Lybia were the Best in the world.
Newlyweds get 50k for buying a home.
A house water power heating are all human rights.
Healthcare is a human right, if the medicine or surgery you need is not in lybia they will fly you out to where it is. And pay for it.

They transformed deserts into farms for lybia.




"We" just don't tolerate so called "world leaders" hanging out with, and respecting tyrants that they really should arrest instead.
Want a great life? -Don't respect those who destroys life, and that's a warning, from what you don't know. You call him GOD!
Ask yourselves - Why do humans die?

When I see this image, I really doubt Mr. Obamas intentions about arresting terrorists.

Of course we can find these 2 together, WHAT ELSE? :

Bye-bye Mr. Khadaffi - no angel appeared and gave you eternal life- and now you are gone!

End of Mr. Khadaffi doings in this Earth life.

Only pictures and stories remain of this "gentleman".
But I bet 85% of you think you will meet him in heaven.
Well did you? Since this should be our heaven.

This image shows what's left of his evil son Motassim Khadaffi:

What will happen now?
Well, you probably die in a few years.
Is there anything you can do to perfect yourself first?

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