#You just show a screen with "Microsoft Install System for updating system drivers and routines"
#Please do NOT use your computer during this process.
as the only reason for your 35 minutes of
#Countdown clock set for 35 minutes.
#Progress Bar with 0% to 100% completetion
#Windows logotype
If the boss asks what you are doing you just answer': -I'm updating it!

START YOUR 35 MINUTE COFFEBREAK WITH THIS WEBPAGE FAKE INSTALL SCREEN. Looks exactly like the real thing, but it's only an animation, although it looks like the real Mc Coy.
A Windows file check system for removing file fragments for 35 - 40 minutes are only your computer showing a website animation of a busy computer that are busy with installing system drivers for the next 35 minutes. A text says: DONT USE YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS.This website tool doesn't affect your computer at all. No installs or programs. It's just a webpage animation that is coded like a Windows Install, same principle as looking at a countdown clock on Youtube. Fools everyone, because it's so well done. You should try to show it full-screen for best effect of on the observers eyes. It works best on 1900 pixels width screens. If you are using Firefox internet browser, then click button F11 for fullscreen. Hit it again to return. Have a nice office break now! Webpage contains no viruses - and we know because we made this ourselves, so we really know that its virus free. We have total product control .[You can also check the source code]
- And as always, our product is gratis and free to use.

Fake Windows Install for 35 minutes with progress bar and countdown clock.

You can just look at one by clicking here

Fake Windows Install for 35 minutes without progress bar but with countdown clock.[Win Explorer version]

Fake Windows Install 35 minutes for those that have a problem with the 'estimated time' double-rows placement on their screen.

Fake Windows Install with blue text.

Fake government removal tool.

These programs got developed in-house and are unique. If you have any problems with them, write it in comments!

Once in the 90's there was a program called Larry Musas Coffebreak, that were similar to ours. We have searched the internet to try and find it. But we didn't find it. Instead, we made one ourselves, and it outclasses the original Larry Musas by far reach. Our looks as a WINDOWS 10 install system - while Larrys was like just a simple p . Since we who produced it are smokers- we call our program The Smoke Employer. If you want an excuse to be able to visit the cafeteria while your computer screens shows a "computer-busy Don't touch." kind of message.. Choose our tool!

Plese send us a comment if you like our product!

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