SmokeEmployer Version 1.0


We have made a normal website page look like a busy computer program that you can bookmark and use for a 40 minute break from your desk.

Get yourself a coffebreak and a smoke for 40 minutes while a fake screen says that you are removing document fragments. Tricks the boss or the office manager easily. Open the webpage, and your computer looks busy.
It's a normal webpage that looks like a computer program with a progress bar.
It's an automatic webtimer, like a clock.
Just click on one of the alternatives below, and a new window opens with the display you choose..
If you have a Firefox browser, press F11 for fullscreen without all the Windows buttons and menus.
Press F11 again to return from fullscreen.

There are several display choices you can choose from.

SmokeEmployer Version 1.0

Choose which display you want to show and for how long your computer shall look busy.

Displays: Aut. Removing government documents and file fragments.

Displays: Aut. Removes classified material and file fragments.

Displays: Aut. Removes file fragments.

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