We must have some spice on this website somehow.
Here's one way to accomplish it.

ON FRONTPAGE: This is a collection of politically interested babes, to spice up, this webmagazine a little. A few of them seems to also have a fetish agenda.
And if you are older, you should get aware that the plastic clothing "is the new thing" and trend these days! Buy some for your wife!
To her, you just tell : -Sort of looks good and protect from rain and wind!
-Besides that, academics have more advanced sex, compared to those "loosers" that seems to, "just have found" their sexorgan... :)

If you check the picture on the wall, religion are very important in a modern girls life!

Gucci high heeled boots and latex pencil skirt.

This girl fits straight into the Creation itself. This is, like, the Universe we live in now.
-We think it's beauty after all. What are your real opinion about all this?

We will add and retract images on this page as time pass.

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LONDON (Reuters) - A 14-year old girl who died of cancer has been cryogenically frozen in the hope she could be brought back to life in the future after winning a landmark court case shortly before her death, the BBC reported on Friday, 2016-11-18.
The youngster knew she only had weeks to live when she wrote a heartbreaking letter to a judge asking to be frozen until a cure could be found.

REASON FOR CHOICE OF BEST NEWS 2016: Even though we think that life continues somewhere else, like in heaven or paradise, she wanted to have it, and get brought back to life in the future, AND FOUGHT FOR IT ! AND WON ! She was only 14 years old, and wanted to live. In the future, we might end up with a 14-year old girl, living in 2 worlds at the same time. That was our main reasons. Hope you support our choice of NR 1 best news 2016. Especially considering the fact that she was 14 years old, and had to die, in this sometimes quite fucked up world, but her will and desire to live, manifested in a HOPE, that she MIGHT be brought back to life in the future somewhere. That is why this was the best news in 2016. She was only 14 years old and none could help her with her cancer. So I insist that IF we can make a body live again that has been frozen, she will be the first one "ONLINE" again.
/End of OPERATORS intellectual judgement comment. /
More details here !