Ford to petition to avoid US recall of 2.5 million vehicles

3 min 10 sec ago
Ford will petition to avoid a recall of about 2.5 million vehicles with air-bag inflators declared defective.

Why having an accountability partner at work can help you be more successful

16 min 10 sec ago
It's as simple as asking your coworkers for help.

This analyst thinks there's only one tech stock worth owning, and it's not Facebook or Alphabet

20 min 10 sec ago
"Investors are looking at numbers unrealistically," Brian Wieser of Pivotal says.

New York's attorney general: We can't let students be 'victimized' by loan providers

22 min 10 sec ago
Eric T. Schneiderman's office is launching an investigation into National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts.

Here’s the next ‘FANG’ stock that’s set to explode

26 min 10 sec ago
Some strategists are forecasting further upside for another member of the 'FANG' gang reporting next week: Amazon.

White House shakeup is a 'very foolish move,' former Bush advisor says

28 min 10 sec ago
Bringing in someone who is not a "seasoned pro" at White House communications is a "very foolish move at this juncture," GOP strategist Ron Christie said.

US regulators won't enforce parts of Volcker Rule for one year during review

30 min 10 sec ago
U.S. financial regulators will review Volcker Rule regulations on foreign funds.

Morgan Stanley's chief stock strategist says he feels 'very good' ahead of big earnings week

34 min 10 sec ago
Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson said he was feeling "very good" ahead of the upcoming earnings week.

US decides to drop criminal charges against former JPMorgan traders in 'London Whale' case

40 min 10 sec ago
The U.S. has decided to drop criminal charges against former JPMorgan traders Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout in the "London whale" case.

Market will drop 10% because a volatility spike could spark a 'feedback loop' of selling: strategist

48 min 10 sec ago
Fundstrat strategist Sam Doctor's six-month S&P 500 price target is 2,215, representing 10.5 percent downside from Thursday’s close.

Audi to update 850,000 cars as diesel recalls widen

1 hour 1 min ago
Audi is fitting up to 850,000 diesel cars with new software to improve emissions performance.

Shrinking dollar will be 'toast' without tax reform—Bank of America strategist

1 hour 4 min ago
The dollar could flounder unless Congress moves on tax cuts, says David Woo, Bank of America strategist.

When the dollar is falling, here are the stocks that work

1 hour 9 min ago
Using Kensho, we looked at which stocks perform the best when the US dollar falls against the euro.

These 10 companies should beat the Street next week, investors say

1 hour 14 min ago
CNBC PRO used Estimize to determine which companies are likely to beat Wall Street expectations next week.

Online ad fraud is a 'widespread' problem, Google and other big ad platforms admit

1 hour 24 min ago
Google-run tests found evidence of fake ad spaces sold on Google and Oath-owned programmatic ad platforms. They say the prevalent fraud needs to stop.

Investors should forget about politics and focus on earnings: Analysts

1 hour 36 min ago
Investors should ignore politics during earnings season, said Jeffrey Kleintop, Charles Schwab chief global investment strategist.

Scaramucci, back-slapping hedge fund magnate and GOP fundraiser, reaches the White House

1 hour 39 min ago
The former hedge fund and investment conference chief lands a role in Trump's inner circle.

Consumer Watchdog accuses Amazon of deceptive discounting

1 hour 44 min ago
Consumer Watchdog is accusing Amazon of duping customers into thinking they're getting better deals than they are. Amazon calls the report "deeply flawed."

Weak mortgage income hurts US regional lenders

1 hour 53 min ago
Higher interest rates hurt earnings of regional banks in the second quarter, mirroring big banks.

How some rich people are trying to dismantle inequality

2 hours 2 min ago
Most rich people who try to narrow inequality turn to philanthropy. But philanthropy won't fix inequality, Conversation reports.

When the (empty) apartment next door is owned by an oligarch

2 hours 5 min ago
Foreign money could be distorting global cities' housing markets, to the detriment of lifelong residents, N.Y. Times reports.

Scaramucci taking White House job before hedge fund sale is final

2 hours 8 min ago
The founder of SkyBridge is set to take over as communications director following months of speculation and false starts.

This ETF is cruising to new highs not seen in 18 months

2 hours 13 min ago
The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index ETF is on pace for its fourth-straight day of gains.

Athenahealth CEO: Metamorphosis is hard and good for us

2 hours 14 min ago
Athenahealth CEO sounded upbeat about the company's efforts to address shareholder demands for more financial discipline.

Many of your employees probably don't like their jobs. Here’s how to help

2 hours 27 min ago
Employees who have a sense of purpose at work are high performers, more productive and likely to stay longer.

Americans spend $900,000 a month on avocado toast

2 hours 46 min ago
The brunch item is more popular than ever.

Wall Street sees tax cuts, not tax reform happening this year

2 hours 48 min ago
Wall Street has had mixed reactions so far to the prospect that tax cuts would substitute for real reform.

Martin Shkreli trial could go to jury next week; judge slams lawyers for arguing 'like ... children'

2 hours 50 min ago
As Shkreli's trial ends its fourth week, fraying nerves have led to sniping between lawyers.

Amazon isn't 'anywhere near' being a monopoly, despite government grumbling, VC says

3 hours 1 min ago
"Lawmakers are going to progressively put more scrutiny on these companies."

How financier Anthony Scaramucci made his millions

3 hours 7 min ago
Before being called to the political sphere, he was a hedge fund financier and entrepreneur two times over.

The ethics of adjusting your assets to qualify for Medicaid

3 hours 7 min ago
Medicaid will be at the center, and the program will probably affect you and your family more than you know

Doctors' group tells Senate to fix, not repeal 'Obamacare'

3 hours 10 min ago
The AMA told senators its better to fix Obamacare, not repeal it.

Millennials are popping up in earnings calls this season

3 hours 15 min ago
Wall Street is asking companies to share their plans to attract millennials on earnings call this season.

Watch: White House holds first press conference after Sean Spicer resignation

3 hours 45 min ago
The White House is conducting an on-camera press conference just hours after Sean Spicer abruptly resigned as press secretary.

Diving dollar causing turmoil with global markets, German stocks drop nearly 2%

3 hours 47 min ago
A sharp two-day fall in the U.S. dollar sent global equities reeling on Friday.

Op-Ed: Scaramucci is the perfect fit for Trump's communications chief

3 hours 47 min ago
Anthony Scaramucci running communications is exactly what President Trump needs right now, says Jake Novak.

Grocery store dilemma: Store brands ringing up higher sales, but not online — yet

4 hours 9 min ago
Shoppers are buying store brands more today than ever before. That trend could only continue as retailers grow their online offerings.

10 new cars you can buy for under $300 a month

4 hours 32 min ago
Low monthly payments make it easier to purchase your new wheels.

Millennials only have a 5-second attention span for ads, says comScore CEO

4 hours 49 min ago
Millennials spend almost three times as long on their phones as they do on desktop, according to a new comScore study.

3 mental blocks to overcome if you want to build wealth

4 hours 50 min ago
These habits could be stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Ford to petition to avoid immediate recall of 2.2 million vehicles with Takata air-bag inflators

5 hours 10 sec ago
Ford is trying to avoid a recall of 2.2 million vehicles after Japanese supplier Takata said the vehicles may have potentially defective inflators.

Hedge funds are hunting for cracks in most-prized US shopping malls

5 hours 2 min ago
Investors are beginning to doubt the highest-rated properties will escape online disruption, Financial Times reports.

The top 10 low-stress jobs that pay over $100,000

5 hours 3 min ago
You don't have to be a stressed-out workaholic to make some serious cash.

Richard Branson reveals his first business plan from when he was 15

5 hours 22 min ago
Here's what you can learn from it.

Gold on the move as dollar dives, crosses key chart milestone

5 hours 24 min ago
Gold prices jumped Friday, boosted by increasing weakness in the dollar.

Sephora rolls out smaller-store concept with high-tech beauty upgrades

5 hours 36 min ago
Sephora will roll out Sephora Studios across the U.S., with the first location opening in Boston this week.

Britain's skies are running out of room for planes

5 hours 45 min ago
British fliers have been shunning more politically volatile destinations for trips within Europe, USA Today reports.

Lyft is following Uber into self-driving cars

5 hours 47 min ago
Uber's chief U.S. rival is opening its own autonomous driving facility, and creating its own self-driving team.

Op-Ed: Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is an embarrassment

5 hours 48 min ago
There is a major strategic cost to the US alliance with the Saudis, says the National Review's Michael Brendan Dougherty.

This drug maker spends big in Washington to make itself heard

5 hours 51 min ago
Wall Street was spending a half-billion dollars on Mallinckrodt drug with limited evidence of effectiveness, N.Y. Times reports.

Amazon causes 'instant fear' when it enters a market, but everyone should calm down, analyst says

5 hours 56 min ago
Jefferies believes the retail stock sell-off of appliance-sellers Thursday is "overdone."

Hawaii begins new preparations for a North Korean missile attack

5 hours 57 min ago
The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency believes preparing residents for a missile attack cannot wait any longer.

German, French stock markets crater on fears of falling exports as euro surges against the dollar

5 hours 58 min ago
Bourses in Europe were lower in early afternoon trade on Friday as fresh corporate earnings failed to boost shares.

Why Washington and Republicans need John McCain

6 hours 2 min ago
McCain's vaunted status in the Senate means that everything he says counts, Newsweek reports.

Big battle ahead as California considers banning farm pesticide Trump's EPA supports

6 hours 4 min ago
A widely used farm pesticide that the Trump administration refused to ban could get restricted in California.

Investors are finally showing some love for stock pickers

6 hours 10 min ago
Active funds, hauled in $3.5 billion last week, the best showing in two and a half years.

Tillerson urges Arab states to lift Qatar 'land blockade'

6 hours 11 min ago
Rex Tillerson approved of Qatar's efforts to implement an agreement aimed at combating terror financing.

Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client

6 hours 13 min ago
The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. allegedly counted Russia's FSB security service among her clients for years.

Subway train derails in Brooklyn in the latest mishap of NYC's 'summer of hell'

6 hours 18 min ago
No one was injured in the minor derailment, MTA told NBC 4 New York, and major service changes are now in place.

5 myths about credit that can mess with your score

6 hours 25 min ago
What you don't know about credit scores can cost you.

How to clean up your junk-filled email inbox

6 hours 37 min ago
You can gain control over your inbox again, here's how to remove all those newsletters and junk emails.

US general says allies worry Russian war game may be 'Trojan horse'

6 hours 39 min ago
U.S. allies worry Russia's war games in September could be aimed at leaving behind military equipment in Belarus.

JPMorgan raises year-end S&P 500 forecast, saying tax reform will lead to upside surprise

6 hours 44 min ago
JPMorgan's Dubravko Lakos-Bujas expects earnings growth and tax reform.

Trump lifted the cap on H-2B worker visas. Then his businesses asked for 76 of them.

6 hours 52 min ago
Trump's golf clubs and resorts on the East Coast have long relied on hiring foreign seasonal workers, Vox reports.

Here comes Trump's Made in America pipeline plan. Many companies and trade partners are already wary

6 hours 52 min ago
President Trump's plan to put Made in America requirements on pipeline makers drew warnings from a many stakeholders.

Every business in America should offer a 401(k) plan. No excuses: Op-ed

6 hours 55 min ago
The reasons business owners cite for not offering a 401(k) retirement plan are based on misconceptions.

Venture capital has less sexual harassment than other industries, said VC Vinod Khosla

7 hours 10 sec ago
Still he wasn’t “surprised” by the revelations, Recode reports.

Everyone is confused about the health-care vote — including Republican senators

7 hours 1 min ago
Every form of Obamacare repeal looks more and more uncertain, Vox reports.

McCain criticizes Trump's Syria policy despite cancer diagnosis

7 hours 3 min ago
McCain blasted Trump amid a report that the administration is halting a CIA training program, USA Today reports.

Retail, be warned, there's not enough room in this hot women's category to go around

7 hours 6 min ago
Retailers big and small continue to look to tap into a market that has often been dubbed "hotter" than the rest: athleisure.

Food truck millionaires who have beaten the odds

7 hours 10 min ago
Self-made entrepreneurs are making millions with food trucks that offer everything — from organic ice cream to mac and cheese.

Millennials already have their apps -- now VCs want tech for people over 50

7 hours 12 min ago
VC's who want to invest in tech for olds, not just millennials, find it at the Boomer Venture Summit.

Billionaire Richard Branson: These are my top 10 tips for success

7 hours 17 min ago
The Virgin founder shares his secrets.

AirPods don't go far enough: The effort to reinvent headphones for 'hearables' era

7 hours 19 min ago
The future of headphones is wireless, with sensors designed to turn A.I., like Amazon's Alexa, into a health coach.

These are the top ZIP codes for rental returns

7 hours 23 min ago
Want to buy a rental property? Here's a list of the Top 20 ZIP codes to consider.

After Whirlpool gets slammed from Amazon-Sears deal, JPMorgan calls fears 'overdone'

7 hours 26 min ago
JPMorgan analysts believe Whirlpool's decline in light of Sears' announcement is "overdone."

The top 15 cities to start a business in America in 2017

7 hours 35 min ago
Here are the leading cities in the U.S. to start a business in 2017, according to WalletHub.

A cyberattack is going to cause this tech company to miss earnings

7 hours 43 min ago
Nuance Communications sees third-quarter earnings and revenue below Wall Street estimates.

Delta passengers can now use their fingerprints as a boarding pass

7 hours 56 min ago
But only at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) for now, The Verge reports.

Analyst downgrades Wells Fargo, predicts more than 30% drop

7 hours 57 min ago
Berenberg says Wells Fargo will report earnings next year below Wall Street expectations due to "weak demand for credit."

Trump and Putin reportedly may have met even more times at the G-20 summit

8 hours 5 min ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov dismissed potential additional meeting between President Trump and Putin.

What to do when a rewards program isn't so rewarding

8 hours 17 min ago
More than half of rewards program memberships are inactive, according to new data.

Tesla just welcomed this CEO to its board. Here’s why it’s a big deal for Silicon Valley

8 hours 17 min ago
Ebony Media CEO Linda Johnson Rice will be the second female out of a group of nine board members and the first African-American.

Suze Orman: This is what you should do right now to retire a millionaire

8 hours 32 min ago
You don't need a lot of money to be able to invest some.

Here are the 10 most important stories for investors Friday morning

8 hours 47 min ago
A daily look at the morning's key financial stories.

The obscure tech stock that’s nearly quadrupled this year – and could keep rising

8 hours 47 min ago
The name “Applied Optoelectronics” may not immediately grab investors’ attention, but the stock’s performance should.

This Instagram dog wants to sell you a lint roller

8 hours 47 min ago
There is now a talent agency based in New York that represents social-media celebrity animals.

Student loan debt has grown 250% in 10 years—here's where grads owe the least

8 hours 47 min ago
Graduates in some Western states owe much less than the national average.

Early movers: GE, HON, MSFT, V, EBAY, COF, AMZN, AZN, XOM & more

8 hours 59 min ago
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Exxon blasts US government's ‘unlawful’ and ‘capricious’ $2 million fine

9 hours 12 min ago
Exxon Mobil sued the U.S. government, blasting as "unlawful" and "capricious" a $2 million fine levied against it for a three-year-old oil joint venture with Russia's Rosneft.

Oil is dropping on a report of rising OPEC supply

9 hours 15 min ago
U.S. crude prices fell 1 percent Friday after a report said supply from OPEC will rise.

GE shares seesaw after revenue falls 12%

9 hours 31 min ago
The drop in revenue came as weakness in its energy connections business offset strength in renewables and power units.

Hundreds of thousands could be arrested in huge Malaysian crackdown

9 hours 47 min ago
Malaysian activists and business owners are alarmed over the arrests of over 3,300 illegal workers in a crackdown.

US attempt to limit Wall Street bonuses fizzles out quietly

9 hours 49 min ago
The agenda released by the Trump administration signaled the government has halted its work on restricting Wall Street bonuses and other pay incentives.

Here's why flawed Western economic models are undermining the worst global recovery in history

9 hours 57 min ago
The deeply flawed Western economic system is contributing to the worst economic recovery the world has ever seen, Chris Watling, CEO of Longview Economics, said on Friday.

Spokesman for Trump's outside legal team resigns

10 hours 9 min ago
Mark Corallo, the spokesman for U.S. President Donald Trump's outside legal team, said on Thursday that he has resigned.

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